AFPS 75 Confusion over forcast

I served in the Army between 1979 and 1992. I did about 7 years service then bought myself out. I realised I had made a mistake and re-enlisted 2 months later. I returned to my original unit at the same rank. When I left in 1992 I received my 12 year terminal grant. I recently asked the veterans agency for a pension forecast. Initially i received a forecast for only the 7 years service of a lump sum of £14,574 and an annual pension of £4858.30. Considering they had missed off 5 years of service I thought my pension should be increased. However once i provided them with evidence of my total service my foecast has not increased but has reduced to a lump sum of £10669 and an annual pension of £3556.52. Both of these payable from age of 60. The explanation they gave was that as I left on a later date my pension has not increased as much. Surely this cant be correct. Longer service should mean more pension. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? If not correct hpw do I appeal? Would it be better to get my service regcognised separately? And if they are separate do I get 2 pensions?

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