AFPS 75 / AFPS 05 option for change

Helle all at ARRSE, my 1st time post so please be gentle with me, my question is based around what I do for a living with the green machine and before anyone asks, I am not working within a regular unit etc so dont have the full support mechs/SME's to hand.

One of my sldr's opted for change from AFPS 75 to AFPS 05, however, his unit at the time did not action said form etc, did not put it onto P File so only a copy which Sldr took as evidence!!!!!!!!!

First Question: What are the implications of Sldr not switching (both for Sldr and his dependents of he dies), this is based on him being medically discharged after 9 years service as a Cpl

Second Question: Is there any poss comeback/chance to get him swapped if needed?
He needs to speak to the pensions office. All AFPS75/05 options forms were recorded by said agency and any individual who had not submitted the form was chased up via his/her RAO, and individually, so there should be a copy in his pfile at SPVA.

Hope this helps a wee bit.


For the life of me I can't see the advantageof switching (I don't know whether the med pension or death in service provisions are significantly different). Although the lifetime worth of the "pension" is roughly the same many (if not the majority) of full career service personnel will be dead before they can take advantage of using that second "gratuity".
Have a look at this lot (, ), it may give you a better idea of what the provisions are. In all cases such as this you should really get in touch with whoever is responsible for your admin, as good as it is Arrse is still just the 'net!! As to the discharge, if he is in that process he should be able to get pucker advice through the med route ie it was always the case that part of the med review to discharge included such a brief almost as soon as he was informed he was to be discharged.


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