AFPS 15 - Added Pension

Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, i've scoured websites, forums and official pubs but I cant find an answer to this.

I have recently received (my first) quotation from Veterans UK for the purchase of added pension.

I have served 20 years and starting to focus on life after the Army, I asked for a quote of what £833 per month would buy me in added pension (no dependants cover). My quote stated that it would buy me £771.30 of added pension. Now, ideally I wanted to buy £1000 of added pension so after some number crunching of what I think is logic, i've worked out that if £833 buys me £771 of pension, then £1081 (or there abouts) should buy me £1000 of added pension? Is this sound logic?

Secondly, as a 40% tax payer, would that £1081 per month actually feel like £648 being taken from me owing to the payments being taken gross?

If so, then £648x12=£7776, and £7776 providing a return of £1000 gross is a nice 12.8%? This sounds too good to be true?

Finally, and probably most importantly, is there any clever formula which can be applied to work out how much of that £1000pa (and related EDP lump sum increase?) one would see if leaving at the 22yr, 25yr, 30yr etc point? I think i'm correct in assuming that the whole £1000pa (gross) would only be realised at State Pension Age, but a percentage increase in both EDP pension and lump sum is payed.

Sorry for the long winded post, I have recently joined the Forces Pension Society and I will approach them if these questions aren't so straight forward. With the impeding timeline to get the application in to Glasgow I thought i'd try my luck here.

Thanks in advance.

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