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AFPS 05 Resettlement Grant.

Ok go easy on me as I'm a noob to all this.

I have just signed off and completed 11 1/2 years service as a full screw. I have been told I'm entitled to a resettlement grant just over 10k. Can anyone enlighten me on this as I was under the assumption that I would not receive this under 05.

From the afps 05 guide....

The Resettlement Grant (RG) is intended to help you adjust to civilian life. You are entitled to a RG when you leave the Armed Forces provided you:
• have served at least 12 years;
• are not entitled to any other immediate payments,
eg ill-health pension or EDP;
• are not a member of the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme 05 (RFPS 05), which does not offer
a RG, or AFPS 75, which has its own RG arrangements.
And have:
• not previously received a RG under AFPS 05 or
under AFPS 75); or
• received a RG under AFPS 05, and rejoined voluntarily in 30 days or less of your discharge, and have repaid it; or
• received a RG under AFPS 75, and have rejoined voluntarily in 121 days or less of your discharge, and have repaid any necessary portion of the lump sum. Should you leave again and still qualify for the payment, your entitlement will be limited to the same proportion of the RG as was repaid.

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