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Anybody seen sight of this report? It normally comes out early/ mid feb, or is a sign that we are not getting a rise this year as it has been a bit quiet?
3% across the board. No surprise there. However, headline Retail Price Index is currently 3.2% (includes mortgage interest payments). So, if the RPI remains the same, excluding council tax, we will all be 0.2% worse off this time next year.

And as taxes will rise after May to pay for Tony's 'Save the gay lesbian ethnic asylum whale outreach workers', things are looking up!
Note also, the 2.7% increase in accomodation charges for some. Add to that the tax increase we are sure to get, and overall inflation.

Excellent, I've always thought that I should pay for the pleasure of wearing green and stagging on - NOT.
Announcement just out:


• The AFPRB is an independent voluntary group comprising the Chairman, Professor David Greenaway, and eight members. It reports annually on levels of pay for the Armed Forces for all ranks up to and including Brigadier.
• The AFPRB bases its recommendations on broad comparability with similarly weighted civilian jobs. Job evaluation underpins the assessment of job weight for the Armed Forces. The Review Body gathers evidence from a wide variety of sources and takes account of a number of factors including Government economic evidence.
• Announcement of the 2005 Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB) Pay Award on 22 Feb 05.
• The Government has accepted the AFPRB’s recommendations in full and the award will not be staged.
• Individuals will see the impact of the award in their April 2005 pay statements.
• The AFPRB has recommended an overall increase in Base Pay of 3.0%. There has been no change to the levels of X-Factor or pension abatement.

• This year the AFPRB took periodic review papers on Flying Pay, Aircrew Pay, Diving Pay, and Parachute Pay. These forms of Specialist Pay (SP) will be uplifted by 3%. Also:
- The AFPRB has endorsed the introduction of a new rate of Parachute Pay (High Altitude Parachute Pay) for qualified members of the Pathfinder Platoon. This has been set at £9.00 per day, and replaces the basic level of Parachute Pay for eligible personnel.
- RLC Helicopter Crew Pay will be renamed Joint Helicopter Support Unit (JHSU) Helicopter Crew Pay and will be paid on a task-completed basis at £4.23 per day; entitled personnel will receive JHSU Helicopter Crew Pay for each day they are required to fly in a helicopter as a crew member.
- Aircrewman pay (re-titled Army Aviation Crewman Pay) will move from a task-completed basis to a non-continuous basis to bring it in line with similar roles in the RN and RAF; entitled personnel will receive Army Aviation Crewman Pay for each day they are in a qualifying post on a unit establishment.
- The qualifying period for the top rate of Flying Pay for pilots who are not qualified aircraft commanders will move from 22 to 18 years reckonable service from 1 Apr 05.
Detailed regulations for the payment of these forms of SP will be published separately.
• As announced in the 2004 report, and ABN 02/04, Technical and Specialist Qualification Pay, and Gurkha Language Pay will both be discontinued from 31 Mar 05.
• The other forms of SP which were not reviewed this year will be uplifted by 3% in line with the main award.
• The AFPRB recommended that Reserves’ Bounties be uplifted in line with the increases in military salary for 2004-05 and 2005-06. The AFPRB has decided to examine Reserves’ Bounties annually in future, rather than biennially as in the past. There will also be a more detailed review carried out triennial.

• Compensatory Allowances. All Compensatory Allowances (including Northern Ireland Resident Supplement (NIRS); Recruitment and Retention Allowance (London) (RRA(L)); Payment for Work of an Objectionable Nature (PWON); and Payment for Work in Unpleasant Conditions (PWUC) will be increased by 3.0%. The new rates for PWUC and PWON will also become the initial rates for the new Unpleasant Work Allowance (UWA), which will replace PWUC and PWON on transition to JPA.
• Separation Allowances. The daily rates of LSSA have been uplifted by 5% and the 2 associated accumulated bonuses uplifted from £1,300 to £1,350. Initial rates for the new Longer Separation Allowance (LSA), which will replace LSSA, LSSB and the associated bonuses on transition to JPA, have also been recommended.
• Accommodation:
- The rental element of Grade 4 accommodation for both SFA and SLA has been subject to a zero increase.
- SFA. Graduated increases in charges for SFA (including water, sewerage, fuel and light, and furniture) range from 4p per day for Grade 4 Type III accommodation, to 59p per day for Grade 1 Type D accommodation. Garage rent has increased by 6p per day.
- SLA. Graduated adjustments to SLA charges (including water, sewerage, fuel and light) range from -3p per day for Grade 4 accommodation (Cpls and below), to +8p per day for Grade 1 accommodation (Capts and below).
• Food. Food charges will increase by 9p per day for single personnel and 7p per day for married unaccompanied personnel.

• Pay Rate tables are shown below. Further information, will be promulgated through the chain of command and is available on the Army Website ( and MOD intranet. The detail will also appear in the April edition of Soldier Magazine.
To get the bitchin' started:

6p per day increase on garages...!? £21.90 a year!- I could but five pieces of brass from an Australian on EBay for that.

The cheek.
I wonder if we sacked the very expensive Civil Servants, who spend a long time compiling a comprehensive report every year to justify why we should get anything between 2.8 and 3.2 percent (coincidentally in line with the Govt spending plan), whether we could afford an earth shattering 4%?
After reading the report, I was a little confused on the LSSA section. It says that it will be gradually changed over to the LSA scheme. That looks quite tasty but how does the qualification for the different levels work ? The higher rate, which most of us are surely on, comes in at level 3 - with another 14ish to go. Anyone know how its gonna work ?
No sure SC, but i remember the change from Separation Allowance to LSSA, where the amount of accumulated days was re-set to zero because the lower rate of LSSA was almost equal to the rate of Separation Allowance. They wouldnt be that "Dick Turpin" surely. Ah wait a second, course they would :?

The first 3 rates of LSA are the same as the current LSSA Rates of Lower, Middle and Higher.

Good news is no more LSSA Cards !!!!
There is a God after all !
daylightshrubbery said:
The first 3 rates of LSA are the same as the current LSSA Rates of Lower, Middle and Higher.

Good news is no more LSSA Cards !!!!
There is a God after all !
but how are the rest gonna be worked out ? lookin forward to seeing how my 1200 days go towards level back !!!
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