AFPRB Report 2012

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Legs, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. In summary:

    The 2012 report of the Armed Forces' Pay Review Body (AFPRB) has been published today. The Government has accepted the recommendations in full with implementation effective from 1 April 2012.

    Personnel will see the following impacts of the award, where relevant, in their April 2012 pay statements:

    • an increase of £250 for full-time personnel earning £21,000 or less (inclusive of X-Factor) - in line with the Government's 2010 Emergency Budget.

    • an enhancement to Longer Separation Allowance (LSA) - a reduction in the qualifying interval between each of the 14 levels for LSA from 240 to 180 days.

    • overall increases to accommodation charges ranging from two pence to 76 pence a day - rental element increases in line with the rental component of the Retail Price Index. Accommodation charges include a discount to reflect the disadvantages of living in Service accommodation.

    • an increase in the Daily Food Charge of 21 pence a day - to reflect the trend of rising food prices.


    • from 1 April 2013, the harmonisation of starting pay for direct entrant graduate and non-graduate officers.

    Further details, showing the revised rates of pay for personnel earning £21,000 or less (inclusive of X-Factor) per annum, and examples of the effect of the 2012 AFPRB recommendations for those based in the UK and those deployed on operations, can be found in the Defence Internal Brief at Related documents.

    The 2012 Senior Salaries Review Body report has also been published today, but, in light of the pay freeze, makes no pay recommendations for the more senior military officers (two-star officers and above).
  2. Got a link?
  3. Although there are no surprises in the main recommendations, there are some very interesting points in the full 81-page report.

    Such as, bearing in mind recent discussion of the diminishing need for service-provided accommodation, the AFPRB makes this point:

  4. The SLA/SFA point raised by hackle also came up as an obvious theme in a NEM brief I went to, presumably in a drive to reduce housing stock and it's necessary associated expenditure.
  5. Will the LSA levels apply to days away already in the bank?
  6. This is precisely the reason I asked for a link; I'm off on tour in a couple of weeks, this could make quite an impact. No access to DII for a while though, fingers crossed someone can copy the relevant paragraphs on here.
  7. For those blessed with DII, can someone tell me if the initial 340 days on level 1 will remain the same? Also, will the rates for each level remain the same?
  8. I don't see an obvious answer to that question in the AFPRB report itself, so the answer may lie elsewhere.
  9. Interesting to note that they continue to increase accn and food costs whilst freezing our soldiers pay. Whilst this will be offset for our junior ranks by the £250 increase, this could well be eaten up by accn and food costs. Realise 100% the state of the nation and how the remainder of the public servants are taking the same hits, however, doesn't stop the disappointment.
  10. Except MPs. All in this together my arse.
  11. Just to answer some of these questions.

    No - LSA will not be back-dated to recompense you in order to 'make good': the overwhelming majority will go up a level at least.

    The initial 340 days is now 280 days.

    The basic rates per level are the same; but as the qualifying days per level have been reduced, everyone who is on tour on or after 1 Apr 12 will benefit by around £1 per day. This does not include the anomaly at the very low end of the scale (L2-3) where the jump is quite significant - this is due to the incentive being aimed at junior soldiers and all sorts of complicated maths to do with overall earnings in that age bracket etc etc.

    AFPRB came in for quite a kicking on various roadshows that I went to because many felt they couldn't act as an independent body and not comment on pay freeze whilst agreeing to increases in food/accm etc.

    Anyway, I went up an LSA level. A good day all round.
  12. It's funny how all these independent pay review bodies reached the same conclusion to recommend £250 for those earning under £21,000. And very gracious of the government to accept these recommendations.

    No mention in the document about the decreases in HTD, FIA, LOA, MMA etc or the amount of money needed to put badges on PCS in the Royal Signals.