AFPRB 2016 - 1% Payrise inbound

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. £3 a day as a SSgt in 1990-1991? Misprint? Even in 1985 as a SSgt I was on £38 a day serving in UK. (I remember the annual amount because it's when I got my first mortgage and was allowed 3 times my wage so I could have got a maximum mortgage of £42,000).
  2. I think he's talking about LOA, not pay.
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  3. Ahhhhh. But even that can't be right. In 1990 I was in Germany and getting well over a tenner a day in LOA.
  4. With that self assured ego, and a Ned, I say that you are Alex Salmond and I claim my 'Yes 45' badge and half bottle of Irn Bru.
  5. Luxury. We lived in a lake.
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  6. Absolutely was right and I've still got the pay slips to prove it, married + 1. When I went back in 2002 married plus 1 (a different 1 as the other had grown up & moved on) I was on £17 a day LOA and I was a WO1, it was a major shock that the more affordable shopping had got the greater my LOA was.
  7. Can anyone from the RAC comment on how the NEM affects promotion for LCPL > CPL and then gaining Crew Commander's qualification? (in terms of pay obviously)

  8. Well nothing new here then, clearly the Politicos who approved this, live in an ivory towered bubble with no or v little awareness of the reality of the Job. I love the bit about the Gym being classified as a perk (WTF) as if the need to keep fit in order to do the Job is some sort of optional extra, and the ability to Yomp/Tab mucho miles is also something which isn't really required or even necessary. Presumably with this line of thinking, the need to actually use a weapon is equally a perk, which need not equally get in the way of a toms job.
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  9. Depends on where you were posted and the Job itself. Personally i had a great time (1975-1980), with Snow Queen every year and Silber Hutte in the Hartz for the rest of the year. learnt enough German to get out of the Billet and the Patch, so as to impress the Ladies enough to pass muster. Biggest problem i had was trying to talk fellow toms to steer clear of the Patch and try something new.
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  10. Didn't it used to pay to be a single living in squaddie?

    Carry's on at this rate working for Lidl will be more beneficial by 2020
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  11. It still pays, just not as much now. The alternative is sign off and seek greener pastures that you can also walk on.
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  12. @jim30 have you got the inside track on this years?
  13. 1% - from now until 2019.
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  14. My psychic crystal ball reveals the answer of : Willy-Wonka-You-Get-Nothing-560x420.jpg
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  15. Well any % of not a lot is still not a lot.