AFPRB 2016 - 1% Payrise inbound

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Mar 8, 2016.

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  1. Totally agree the aim was to get out of the UK and party in a high LOA area. No wonder some of the Cold War veterans spent their whole 22 years in BAOR and lived like kings.
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  2. X59

    X59 LE

    Sounds like our soldiery should stop whining, stay enlisted and be grateful.
  3. Dried up a bit hasn't it?

    It's amazing how the wharfing details of a Berlin quarter and the fuel and Light types can keep a thread on track; well done chaps the Journo's will be proud of your efforts to advise the modern soldier of their choices.

    Maybe next we'll discuss gender issues eh?
  4. You jest.
  5. What did you get ROPs for?
    Ha, ha! you've been given ROPs by someone who in their real life has probably never had it before. Don't you feel dirty?
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Which particular gender issue takes your fancy?
  7. Is he still swinging wildly and offering out the font options?
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer


    Or should I say, 'Aye'.
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  9. Guns

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    1. The Royal Navy

    He is now thread banned. This is CA not the NAAFI
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  10. Postscript for @jim30 - now that's how you get some bites
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  11. Nice... first info I have had about my pension this year. us untermench have a hard day about stuff like that.
  12. Lived like Kings my arrse. £3 per day as a Cfn in 1976-1979 and £3 per day as a SSgt 1990-1991 didn't exactly make me a rich man!
  13. Thats £21 a week and adventure training more than some poor sucker back at Borden!
  14. It's Bordon (or at least it was) not Borden and any poor sucker serving in Bordon didn't need LOA whereas in BAOR at the time we did.

    In my first 5 years in BAOR I was allowed to go on Adventure trg by my fitter section twice, once with the troop I covered and the other on a Snow Queen because someone else dropped out. My Snow Queen trip was as a Cfn Class 2, was a week long and was a busman's holiday as I had to spend all my time fixing the vehs the previous Cpl had not been bothered to touch.

    BAOR luxury my arrse, I had a much better time in the UK.
  15. Anybody know if Military Pensions are going or not this year. I usually get a letter from 'Paymaster' about this, but nothing so far this year?