Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jim1556, Mar 1, 2007.

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  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    2.7% accn charges :cyclopsani:
  4. So in real speak.........What we getting? I cant be arrsed trawling through all that.
  5. can someone cut and paste me a copy of the lower band junior and senior rank new pay scales etc...also has the resettelment grant afps 75 GONE UP?
  6. please..
  7. If fairness I was pretty cross when I heard it was a below inflation 3.3% however I gather than increased payments to those on ops means an increas closer to 9%.

    All well and good but I still feel 3.3% is a kick in balls from the Blair and Brown double act.

    Editied to add:

    However in considering the payrise other public servants are getting we have done fairly well so I am keeping my head down.
  8. Table 1.2: Recommended annual scales for Other Ranks
    WO1 Lower Higher
    Level 7 40,651 43,077
    Level 6 39,534 42,428
    Level 5 38,455 41,685
    Level 4 37,719 40,953
    Level 3 36,987 40,213
    Level 2 36,255 39,534
    Level 1 35,565 38,772
    Level 9 36,512 39,851
    Level 8 35,704 39,289
    Level 7 35,248 38,738
    Level 6 34,716 38,187
    Level 5 33,214 37,361
    Level 4 32,769 36,530
    Level 3 32,018 35,704
    Level 2 31,010 34,870
    Level 1 30,611 34,048
    Level 7 31,429 34,025
    Level 6 31,192 33,399
    Level 5 30,150 32,773
    Level 4 29,384 32,146
    Level 3 29,090 31,746
    Level 2 28,377 30,961
    Level 1 27,653 30,180
    Level 7 27,494 30,573
    Level 6 27,294 29,920
    Level 5 27,079 29,313
    Level 4 26,868 28,622
    Level 3 26,664 27,970
    Level 2 25,423 26,664
    Level 1 24,328 25,423
    L/Cpl + Pte
    Level 9 22,325 26,664
    Level 8 21,544 25,423
    Level 7 20,601 24,328
    Level 6 19,756 23,261
    Level 5 18,963 22,182
    Level 4 17,994 20,061
    Level 3 16,545 18,658
    Level 2 16,111 16,899
    Level 1 15,677 15,677
  9. Where do you get this 9% from? I understand the operational allowance - approx £2200 for 6 months in Afghan/Iraq/Bosnia but it's not a pay rise for the forces... Its a tax free bonus for being in an operational environment.

    Unless I'm missing something...
  10. look at the scale that your on and divide by 365 to find your daily rate and compare it to what you on now.
  11. Ok, I'm a Cpl band 7 High Range (have been for 2 years) currently on £81.03 per day.

    Pay rise works out to be £83.76 which equates to 3.3%

    Like I said, where's this 9%?

    The media is quick to point out that we've got 9% but this is only the bottom 2 pay scales ie for the newly trained lads (n lasses) - They don't mention the rest of us (anyone above band 3 Pte gets 3.3%).

    They also don't say is that although Nurses 'only' got 1.9% they've had about 12% over the last 3-4 yrs.

    Therefore, a newly qualified Nurse gets around £19k, same goes for a new Fireman, yet ours get around £15k to be sent to Iraq/Afghan/Bosnia n get shot at or blown up by mines/suicide bombers...

    It seems the government are ignoring the warnings so more people are gonna have to sign off before anything's done.

    PS... I'm not infantry, but I agree with the FRIs for them.
  12. 3.3 is above Govt Inflation, 3.3 is more than fair compared to nurses etc. I would love a big figure pay raise and so would my bank manager, as far as I can read it we are getting a real cash figure increase in our pockets, pennies only but still real money!
  13. Have you actually reads in-between the lines on this? Fine, a pay rise of 3.3%........0.3% (or maybe a little more above inflation), however, take into consideration of the accommodation increase, the food increase and the "utilities" increase. Do your sums and work it out, some will be happy, the rest, just live with it. This budget as always will hugely benefit some and do absolutely nothing for the rest........retention........NO!
  14. At the risk of getting it wrong, because I don't have the figures to hand, it is only new entrants and Private soldiers who receive a 9% increase. LCpls and above get 3.3%.

    If you read the Report, it recognises that the lowest ranks receive less than they could if they worked for the emergency services. But it would have cost too much to change matters, might have upset the unions and would have blown a huge hole in Gordon's plans for the future. The report also records that retention slumped last year and shows signs of getting worse, and whilst recruiting has improved, it will never catch up with the overall shortfall. Keep working the 45+ hrs/week that you are working and everything will be just fine! LOL.