AFPAA - mission failure?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_16th_Earl, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. I left the Army over 6 weeks ago, having had my departure admin seriously affected by the migration to JPA. Although this was a minor inconvenience, it now appears to me as if the whole AFPAA service to the forces is a shambles.

    To date I have not had my final salary payment (despite receiving a letter from Glasgow dated 11 July, assuring me that this had been paid into my personal account). Similarly, I still await any sign of either my pension lump sum or my monthly pension. I called AFPAA on Monday this week to raise this issue and was given two case reference numbers (one for pay, one for pension) and and assurance that someone would call me back later that day. As I have not heard anything, I called again this morning. Their only response was to read my complaint back to me over the phone and I was then told that cases like mine normally take up to 10 working days to resolve. I have now been advised to wait until around 9 August (by which time I will have been a civilian for 2 months).

    Fortunately I moved straight from the Army into a second (civilian) career. Even so, the financial effect of not receiving final salary and pension payments has been quite painful. Not only does my civilian career pay considerably less than I was earning in the Army (thereby relying on my monthly Army pension) but the loss of potential interest on my gratuity is growing week by week.

    I'm appalled at the inefficiency (and indifference) shown by the AFPAA over this isue. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. As you have followed the process and been fobbed off, and because you no longer have a chain of command, I strongly suggest you write to your MP laying out your case and why it has caused you problems. Find out who it is from (I think...).

    Ask him/her to take it up with the SofS for Defence.

    Keep it calm and factual.

    It's awful and I hope they sort it out before I leave!

  3. When I was a civvy clerk in a TA Sqn I dealt with their indifference everyday. The staff in the call centre are "only" agency staff, don't understand th military and don't get paid enough to care. I've got enough confidence and assertiveness to stay on the phone until I am put through to a "proper" person, but not many people are like me.

    I knew I should ahve moved to Glasgow all those years ago when I was made redundant from a pay office - I would have been running the place by now!
  4. Same thing has happened to Mr Clownfish as well, luckily we have savings but why should we eat into them? When lump sum is finally received they should have to pay us intertest as well.
  5. Presumably refusal to give someone their property (in this case money owed) is theft. Have your soliciter write to the head of AFPAA informing them of your intention to report them to the police. Might not work but it'd maybe put the willies up them
  6. Hi

    I am researching for the media the JPA, would you be interested in telling me more about your problems with it?
  7. Oh yes, that's right, people are going to be climbing over each other to tell you everything.

    And given your poor sentence construction, I'm guessing you're an intern at some shite newspaper who has been given the task of researching this? Go back to making your boss cups of tea like a good intern.
  8. Actually I'm a producer/ director in curent affairs television. I apologise for my sentence structure but as it is chatroom environment I did not think it was massively important.

    I can appreciate there is some resentment towards the media, however there seems to be some real problems with the JPA so it seems to me to be a totally valid area for research.

    Again I would appreciate any informed comment.
  9. Get a Lawyer: then send a letter to the Head of APC indicating you will take them to court and get the press involved - the sooner the better

    Go for it :p

    edited for mong wording :cry:
  10. What is there to research, it was bound to have been built by the cheapest bidder then it will have gone massively over budget.

    I would like to say it is a great system but not had chance to find out yet to many log in problems.

    My CSgt gave up after an hour of trying to change his details. He is off on a course and needs to get an advance of pay for the hotel bill of £600 plus ( No mil accom). Looks like he will have to foot the bill himself and pray he can get it back.

    Willing to bet many young soldiers will not have;

    a. The time to use it.
    b. The know how to get the claims right.
    c. Access to terminals.

    So will not get back what they are entitled to.
  11. Spitfire, just look through the threads on here and that will give you some idea of the issues surrounding JPA.
  12. Its sh1te, hope that helps.

    PS I hate journos, can you tell?

  13. Along with truth and objectivity, I guess.

    Why should you post to this board without thinking about the importance of conveying your message in straight-forward English? You come across as a 15 year old chav who doesn't care about her audience...

  14. I could add to the weight of concern expressed but that would be easy. Rather, I'd like to point out to anyone reading this thread 2 points which don't appear to be recognised at ground level by many people.

    1. The APC (Army Personnel Centre) is a Single Service organisation predominantly concerned with personnel manning. The RAF and RN have their equivalents. Much of what they do involves interaction with JPA to ensure (for example) that promotions are reflected and the pay changed as a result, or that assignment orders are correct so that people can be correctly assigned on JPA when they move Units. They are not behind JPA, which is under the stewardship of the Service Personnel and veterans Agency (who just happen to be based in the same building in Glasgow, as well as operating out of 4 other sites in the UK). this brings me to my 2nd point.

    2. AFPAA no longer exists. In April this year it merged with the veterans Agency (based at Norcross) to form SPVA. So the thread title worries me a little; if the originator of the thread is still being dealt with (or not) by AFPAA (ie letterheads with that instead of SPVA), then it shows that nearly 4 months after becoming SPVA the organisation cannot even get the basics like its correspondence correct. If it is communicating with its (shiver) customers incorrectly and word hasnt circulated about the change to its structure that ain't good, even before all the other issues are taken into account.

    My comments may seem pedantic, but they are purely meant as an observation on a common misconception (APC being to blame) and what I hope is not a serious organisation oversight in failing to spread the word about a fundamental change to the agency.

    Back to the individual's problems, if the enquiry centre is getting you nowhere the next step (if you havent already) is to write a formal complaint letter to the JPA Ops Room. i dont have the address to hand but a call to the EC and they can (at least) provide that for you (fingers crossed). When that doesnt work its a letter to the Chief Exec, followed by MP, USofS, The Sun etc. Good luck to you!

  15. This is the problem, before this chaos we just walked into the pay office and had a chat over the desk to an expert and it got sorted out. Now you wait 10 days just for a reply that says sorry your case has not been resolved.