Afghantsi - 1988 Documentary about the Russians in Afghan.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by steer-away, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. - Use this link to watch it online. - Use this link to download it.

    It includes interviews with conscripts, senior officers and families. It is all narrated in english and where Russian is spoken there are subtitles.

    If you ignore the comical marching it is very interesting. Particularly the segment which focuses on the outposts where soldiers are sent for 18months without r&r.

    Just found this on wikipedia
  2. I saw this documentary on one of the BBC channels a few months ago, and found it fascinating. As you say, the segments on the Soviet outposts was particularly interesting - real 'Heart of Darkness' stuff.
  3. Aye, very interesting stuff - but, you can't download if you're not a member, i'd just like to point out. ;)
  4. Just watched it - good stuff. How did they film and document that in 87-88 I just wonder.
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  5. Wasn't that film '9th Company' based on this documentary?
  6. My mistake I only included the video to watch it. I've now added the download link in the original post.
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  8. Thanks mate, much appreciated. :D