Afghans working with UK troops regularly smoke opium

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Shock. Fcuking. Horror. Not.
  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of opium between firefights to heighten your senses...
  3. Who is this news for?

    Afghans are Junkie C*nts, who think nothing to patrolling with a reefer on the go.
    If anyone tries to stop them, you then have a paranoid AK weilding junky who knows you dont like him on your hands, and their own CoC are too scared, or too ineffective to stop them.

    Deep Joy! - Im sure I shouldnt speak ill of the ******* though, because its a cultural thing.
  4. Nearly as bad as patrolling Kingston, Jamacia, with a dreadlocked ganja puffing local plain clothed cop on a saturday night, my brother in law on attachment got high as a kite just being in the car with two "detectives".
  5. Some British soldiers have been known to smoke Craven 'A' or even Capstan 'Full Strength'.

    Why are we engaged in Afghanistan? We tried three times before to make sense of the place. I accept that the 'spiv' Blair didn't 'do' history, but was there nobody to tell him what a stupid idea it was?
  6. Next from the Torygraph, exciting revelations as to where bears like to have a pooh...
  7. I thought the law on ganj in jamaica is horrendously strict? Then again, doesn't stop folk
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Well the woods are out. Call-Me-Dave has flogged them to his pals.

    The translation of 'opium' in Farsi and most other languages up there is 'medicine'. Next week, Toms like to drink fermented muck that makes them talk shite and start fights.
  9. I think it is (although I believe they turn a blind eye for Rastas).

    But the fact it grows at the roadsides kind of cancels this out.
  10. There was an interesting item in Channel 4 news a while ago. On patrol in Afghanistan with a joint UK/AFG group of soldiers.

    Opening scene was a very young, emaciated Afghan soldier carrying a fat bastard officer over a river so the officer didn't get his feet wet.

    Cut to a scene inside some sort of rural building where a British NCO is doing his best to bollock a bunch of giggling Afghan squaddies who got off their tits on opium the night before and promptly fell asleep on guard.

    The grand finale showed the group being fired upon, presumably by some insurgents who had insurged from Bradford or Sheffield. As everybody took cover, one giggling Afghani, spliff in mouth, stood up. A bullet ricocheted off his rifle, which amused him greatly.

    As one British officer said "The Afghan soldiers are crap. They take drugs and have sex with one another when they're supposed to be working."

    When is it that they are supposed to be trained up and ready to take over?
  11. I didn't know the afghans had STABS?
  12. "As one British officer said "The Afghan soldiers are crap. They take drugs and have sex with one another when they're supposed to be working.""

    And if you believe some rumours, they also have sex with the young boys they bring with them and try to pass off as their 'sons' - after all its culturally acceptable for us to turn a blind eye to the buggery of 10 year olds out there by the locals...
  13. "............and in other news, much to everyone's surprise, we discover that another country has a completely different culture to our own".

    "Now, here's Heather with the weather".