Afghans flee their homes as UK forces prepare for battle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Thousands of civilians flee their homes as British forces prepare for their biggest operation in Afghanistan.

    UK Troops Set For Biggest Taliban Battle

    British forces are preparing for their biggest operation in Afghanistan to clear the Taliban out of its last remaining urban stronghold. Approximately 15,000 British, American and Afghan troops will be involved in Operation Moshtarak, which takes its name from the word "together".

    Special forces units SAS and the SBS will join troops from the Grenadier Guards and the Royal Welsh Battle Group to make up the 4,000-strong UK contingent.

    The troops have been getting into position over the past 48 hours, with civilians being warned to leave the area before the fighting starts.

    Senior military figures have warned there will be casualties during the operation to secure control of central Helmand province.

    In an exclusive interview with Sky News, the director of communications for operations in Afghanistan explained why details of the offensive had been announced in advance.

    The strike force, composed of British, US and Afghan troops, will storm into some of the most dangerous areas of central Helmand in a series of daring raids — the biggest since the first Gulf war — as part of Operation Moshtarak.

    The offensive, the start date of which is being kept secret, will dwarf last summer’s Operation Panther’s Claw in which 10 British soldiers were killed and more than 100 injured.

    The mission is designed to “break the back” of the Taliban in Helmand but commanders warned that casualties could be the highest of any operation in the eight-year war. Senior officers believe that there is a “real risk” that British forces could lose a Chinook helicopter laden with troops in the assault and warned the public to “steel itself” for casualties.

    Gen Sir David Richards, the Chief of the General Staff, said casualties were inevitable. “One has to be prepared physically to drive the insurgents out,” he said.

    The battle for the Taliban heartlands in central Helmand will be the first significant test of the strategy proposed by Gen Stanley McChrystal, the American commanding the Afghanistan operation, for achieving success.

    Nato troops, supported by special forces, combat jets, Apache attack helicopters, tanks and drones will simultaneously attack several Taliban enclaves within the notorious “Green Zone”, aiming to kill or capture an estimated 1,000 heavily-armed insurgents.
  2. Fook me, worse than Panthers claw!? Looks like this could make or break our time in Afghanistan.
  3. Is a General election due shortly :?
  4. quote from telegraph.....The mission is designed to “break the back” of the Taliban in Helmand.

    be very intresting the outcome of this one.
  5. So the "big announcement" on Wednesday will be 24hrs NTM then? :D
  6. Will be on this op myself. I can see more than a few of the enemy bugging out with the die hards staying behind to become martyrs. Should be interesting fighting with another BG for the first time.
  7. Best of Luck. :)
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Will you be colecting ears, big toes or thumbs this time around mate? Having recently watched the very silly Inglourious Basterds I think the idea of scalping the enemy is one worth bringing back.
  9. seconded
  10. Thirded.
  11. Cheers muckers. Probably the last time i'll ever have to do this shit. Don't know whether to laugh or cry! :D :(
  12. Laugh! And give them a good doing as only the airborne can mate!

  13. What about my tenner you cnut? :)

    Keep yer heid doon Mucker
  14. Stay safe big fellah, would miss your pearls of wisdom!! :soldier:
  15. forthted, just sorry I can only be with you in spirit.