Afghans encouraged to vote in OUR General Election!


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Probably a wise bet considering the dopy bint involved
Indeed it is. This CNN report posted on YouTube by 'BNPxTRUTH' isn't very clear, but it sounds like a democratisation/voter education initiative ahead of the Afghan parliamentary elections due to be held later this year.

In any case, no-one is entitled to vote in a UK parliamentary election, even if their name is on the electoral register for some elections in this country, unless he or she is a British, Commonwealth or Irish citizen.
It's this lot, isn't it?

It's idealistic, perhaps a bit daft in some eyes, but it isn't the subversion of UK society and democracy that the BNP would have you believe. In fact, I suspect that as a result the Afghan gentleman interviewed has a better understanding of party policies and the UK system than many who will cast their votes today.


P.S. but somebody needs to tell him to remove the label from his nice new suit.
Very interesting. If we (in the UK) had eg US troops running around here with guns, we might want to have a voice in their government too. I don't know where this will lead, but I think it is a worthwhile experiment. I noticed at least two of the Afghans were wearing suits and ties. Would I be right in thinking that they were indicating that they were willing to cross the culture gap by doing that?

for info - list of furriners who can vote in UK elections here

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