Afghanistans Haunted Outpost

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Windsor Castle
  2. Does Madhouse Plantation count?
  3. Aldershot... There are Para's lingering on, refusing to die
  4. The remains of the First Foot and Mouth?
  5. Guarding the Rear Gunners Training Unit near the C0ck Inn, Welwyn, Herts. Everyone who went there said they got the willies? Two engineers got trapped in the Comms Centre for 24 hours with only two dodgy phones and half a tin of Molybdenum between them. Spent all night ringing each other :omg:
  6. Was at Hassan Abad at the start of Herrick 10, didn't notice anything. Saying that, was too busy hanging out of my gink!
  7. There's a thread on here somewhere, entitled 'Haunted barracks/training areas' or similar.

    Not military, but I once lived in a thoroughly haunted house not far from here; the ghost/entity/whatever tried to kill me!
  8. Yeah, I got killed like that once. Fcuking inconvenient too at the time. ;)

  9. Bloody hell! :D

    It's quite true, you know (assumes air of wounded dignity)
  10. Was it a cold wet night in Belfast?
  11. Maybe not, but tropper's haunted by ARRSE'rs taking the piss...
  12. Just remembered - I was guard comd at Invicta Park bks, Maidstone one night in the late 1970's and the gate guard called the guard room to say that a bloke had turned up at the gate in a car wanting to report that he had hit someone. Turns out that he had been driving down the old road from Bluebell Hill and some woman had appeared in front of his car giving him no time to stop. He said that cant have missed the person, but when he got out to look, there was no sign of anyone. He was a a gibbering wreck so we called the Elderly William and they took him away. Later on I found out that there had been a woman killed on that (creepy, windy and ill lit) road a few years before and that other people had seen a woman appear there.
  13. Many years ago, 'Soldier' mag printed an interview with a squaddy who had been a screw at Spandau when Hess was the only prisoner there, and it sounded like the posting from hell.

    Apparently the suicide rate amongst the staff was the highest in NATO, the electrical system would fail inexplicably, the backup system would be started, that would fail too; the discipline was draconian, blokes would be court-martialled and jailed for the most trifling of reasons, dense fog would arise in a few minutes, dissipate just as quickly, or persist for days, regardless of the season.

    There was one particular tower that was loathed by one and all, one night when Hess (quite, quite mad by now) was screaming and gibbering away, rapid firing was heard from this tower. Naturally, the guard ran over, to find the stairwell covered with bullet strikes and the tower guard silent.

    They made their way up to the top, to find the guard out cold on the floor, with his empty rifle beside him. On coming to, he became hysterical, and insisted that he'd fired on a black, amorphous mass that had swarmed up the stairs toward him, whilst radiating unearthly evil. He was CM-ed and sent off to the psych ward, then SNLR-ed.

    This could be tripe, but if so, it would be a strange thing to make up!
  14. Never been 'haunted', but remember being delirious from sleep dep. whilst stagging on, on exercise, and initiating a contact with a ghost Army that apparently wasn't there. I could see them clear as day, patrolling through the woods towards my position. Not just shadowy figures caused by the trees either - I could actually make out faces.

    My popularity took a bit of a hit on the back of that one...