Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by skynews, May 27, 2008.

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  1. I'm one of the news editors at Sky News, and wonder if you could help me publicise an appeal for any ARRSE readers who would like to contribute to a week-long focus on the Afghan conflict we are broadcasting on TV and online in mid June.

    It is called 'For Queen And Country' and will look at the individual sacrifices being made by British troops and their families.

    We are looking at life on the frontline: we're asking questions about the quality of the kit the troops have, and the accommodation they and their families are provided with; about the role they are fulfilling; and about the support from other countries and the clarity of the mission.

    Our coverage is being produced with the assistance of the MoD and various Army units, and will be broadcast live from Afghanistan and the UK.

    Do any of your readers have any comments? Would they like to take part? Have they served in Afghanistan and have a comment about conditions, about the role of our forces in the country, about kit and safety, or about support for the Army back in the UK - whether from the public or the Government.

    I'd love to hear from them - here or on email
  2. Will rupert murdoch eat our children if we criticise the media?
  3. Did you ask permission from the MODS before posting this????? I suggest you go an be nice to them........
  4. I think you have come to the wrong place mate. As a soldier (and I would like to think I speak for most of the people on this site) we couldn't care less what the media think about anything - ever. I might be wrong and if I am then fill your boots.

    If you want to do some real good then read Tommy (Rudyard Kipling). If that doesn't make you think then do whatever you want.

    I'll jump off my soapbox now.
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Ross Kemp actually bothered his arrse to attach himself to the Royal Anglians for a substantial amounts of their tour, during which there were a lot of incidents - some of then unfortunately fatal. He, and the producers of the program, have our respect.

    Are you prepared to offer similar? Or is this just a ratings grabber?
  6. In my eyes Ross Kemp was a bit of a wingnut - but then as Fugly said he went out with the lads and lived the way we do. That's the benchmark. If you want to get support of this site then maybe you should do the same.
  7. You've obviously not been here long.

    As far as the programme goes whatever highlights and raises the profile of the Soldier on the ground should be favourably viewed; after all the SoS Scotland is a bit busy for Defence stuff right now, he has a break up of the Union to prevent!

    I've done 3 tours of Iraq in 4 years.........I'd be interested why you don't want to ask Soldiers who have served in Iraq their opinion; after all that particular place has seen double the deaths in half the time and without the freedom to return fire as seen in Afghanistan, why not make a programme that covers the woefully inadequate funding of Defence across the board?
  8. As I said in my first post - we are working with the full support of the MoD, and with units in Afghanistan. I cannot say on this forum exactly where and when - but rest assured this is not a "ratings grabber" and we have reporters attached right now.

    Furthermore, you will see LIVE tv from various positions: action as it happens. A first for TV news.

    The reason for this posting was to see if there were any of you now back home who also wanted to contribute comments about your time in Afghanistan; or whether there were friends or family of Army guys who wanted to tell us what it was like for them.

  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    I'll PM SkyNews and have a quick chat with him/her/them.

    Can we kindly keep the posts to a positive, we are afterall, a friendly bunch and skynews is not The Sun or Mirror. Lumping all media in to one pot is rather like lumping all soldiers in with the Ratings and those fairies in the airforce.

    Mr H.
  10. Skynews - Without detracting from the overwhelming Army contribution in Afghanistan over the years, and their role in Iraq where they are still very much in the majority, please note that most of the UK Service personnel in Afghanistan during recent months have been members of the 'Naval Service' including Royal Marines, RN aircraft (helos and Close Air Support (CAS) Harriers) plus Force Protection, Intelligence, Logistics, Communications, EOD, maintainers and other supporting elements.

    Despite the perception of the public and much of the media, not all 'troops' seen in CS95 (Combat System 1995) camouflage uniform are Army. The RN (including the Royal Marines) and RAF wear it too these days.
  11. KnifeFightingMonkey,

    I wonder if you were to become any more narrow-minded, you might disappear up your own arrse? You certainly do not speak for me...

    If we have an opportunity to get our points of view and messages across to the public via an opportunity like this, then we should and must take it - they don't come along every day and the telly is actually where most people, that's the general public and indeed those of us serving in all three services, find out about what we are getting up to...

    Skynews - we're not all like KFM, there are actually some of us who understand the media but we may need to check bona fides...

  12. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Sky News did ask me before posting this, although it is stretching our media use rules slightly. With that in mind I would like to highlight to serving soldiers that contact with the media that is not approved by or via the MOD could be an offence under DIN003-06. Do a search on ARRSE for more info.
  13. You've obviously not been here long.

    Obviously not.
  14. I'm with the Adjutant on this one and, if it checks out, may even contribute myself, after all, this is Sky News not the BBC. During TELIC 1, Jeremy Thompson was attached to my unit for a considerable time and I am grateful to him for interviewing me on Mothers Day, which went out live.