Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by steve3883, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Having used the "search" facility here and also using google I can't fnd an answer, so I apologise in adv if this has been asked already.

    Is there any indication to when British troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan,or an end to the fighting? Some people I have talked to have said that it could go on for the next 5 to 10 years.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. We have been warned to expect 2014 min.
  3. Thanks for the reply blobmeister, so it really is a long haul then.
  4. British Ambassador to AFGN on News 24 last night was talking in terms of at least another decade.

    So any advances on 2018?
  5. My ears hear another 20 years, 2028+

    The Chinese as well certainly expect NATO/UK/The Yanks to be there for a very long time - as a stablising influence
  6. It would all depend upon the exit strategy. If we want to leave a stable, democratic and self-reliant Afghanistan it is beyond our direct influence. International aid, projects etc all come into play.

    If however we just want to leave regardless then it will be whenever our government decides.

    To give an honest and accurate answer would require a crystal ball.
  7. When I was there last year British KBR employees were talking about a 25 year contract to support operations there, (wonder how much thats going to cost the budget). So we might be there for a while yet.
  8. I take your ears in relation to that part of the world seriously. So the bottom line is, until we can stop the Afghan Government being a corrupt shower of charlatans (Allegedly) we have an opium paste tar baby on our hands?

  9. PTP you may have missed this post I put in the Afghan thread

    This is immensely positive and changes many dynamics, Chinese PMC (essentially rebranded PLA) will be in the region in volume working WITH our people. Similar mining deals are in the pipeline, plus the new rollouts of biofuel crops in Afghan priced at 4 times poppy…..there is a future there even now after so many fcuk ups.
  10. Thanks AJ

    Now that is important, and puts a new complexion on things, I'm very sure the Chinese will not allow their investment to be screwed around with, and that goes from beating off assorted rif-raf , to telling the Afghan Government how things are going to work.

    The British Ambassdor did also mention that wheat as biofuel will be an important cash crop in the region. Add Opium diverted to Opiate manufacture, and Afghanistan could well have a very bright future.

    But it all depends on the Government. Assorted news pieces that feature on BBC monitoring from local media, point to a great deal of infighting amongst the politicians, from verbal to kinetic :(

    But, as I always maintain, give the locals a full belly and cash on the hip come Friday night, and a lot of the dramas will disappear.

    Any idea who the Chinese Mining companies are?
  11. The Chinese Companies are Majors, but what is more important is who 'stands behind them' and 'who has cleared their path' if you get my drift. And whose offspring are shareholders.

    Deals like this in such places as Afghan are green lit at the highest level and involve a great deal of long term strategic thinking and commitment for the whole Nation. Intervention and protection will have already been gamed.

    Oh and the biofuel crop is GM modified Jatropha Curcas variants, wheat is just for food.

    May Allah bless the commodity markets!
  12. Things are progressing, albeit slowly, in Afghanistan. I remember a few years back when people were referring to President Karzai as the mayor of Kabul. There was a recent article which suggested that Kabul now has control over 1/3 of the country. I think an estimate of another 5-10 years in Afghanistan is reasonable.
  13. Thanks guys for your answers, much appreciated.
  14. Crikey, quarter past eight? Sooner than I expected. Everyone should be back in Blighty by midnight. Bonus! :wink:
  15. AH ZO,
    the Yanks and Brits are fighting so that China may profit.