Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by come_to_arrest_the_zulus, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. anybody done a tour in this majestic place?

    I've heard it through rumour control that the British force there is to be enlarged next summer, anybody know if this is true or the usual gash?

  2. Remember, it is only the bad rumours in the forces that come true!
  3. Oh yeah, take a peak at for clues.

    If your interested in Afghan type shenanigans check out for vid/film caps, some of the content may not exactly be safe for work or for the uber squeemish but it's tasteful enough.

    You can also find a load of photo's from a recent tour that the site admin has just got back from, register and talk to Cannon_Fodder if you have any questions. He's probably on here somewhere as well.
  4. An unbiased review of open source reports reveals that - yes we are ! You may also look at your training plan and read between the lines to see what's in there - best not to post your findings though.

    Of course said plans hinge on halving (approx) our forces in Iraq so they can be redeployed. That's looking a little dodgy at the moment.
  5. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has been or is out there now..

    Personally for me, if mobilisation looms again next year, Afghanistan looks more interesting than another tour in the sandbox.

    However, if anyone has any experience of whats it like out there, would be interesting to hear their experiences...

    It will be interesting to see if the powers that be, can disengage from Iraq as they are planning. I guess alot depends on if the locals can get their army together sufficiently for Brit forces to disengage
  6. For Sandbox read nice air conditioned room in Kuwait!!!!
  7. I know you were jealous of our air conditioned oasis in Kuwait, .. with lovely RAF personnel to serve our every wim,...the PX down the road, beer from the posties.

    But you know where we really wanted to be.. don't you?

    ..Ah the joys of FAC Troop... thats the real reason you transferred!

  8. I did Fingal 2 in 2002 (I'm an engineer). It was bloody awesome, best tour I've done, beats the Balkans or the sand pit. For the most part the people are very grateful that we are there. In summer it's fecking hot, in the winter fecking cold. I don't know what the accomadation is like there now as I was staying opposite the Germans and not in the grain factory. Try and get up to Bagram if possible if for no other reason than to rob the Yanks blind (bring an old stable belt or a couple of cap badges to trade). If you've got any other questions just send me a message and I'll get back to you.
  9. Bit late I know, but I just got back from "'Stan". Some parts of the country are very volatile, but the only substancial British forces are in Kabul and Mesar-e-sharif.

    Mes is an outpost in the middle of the desert, with no security threat. You're there solely as QRF for Norther Afghanistan. Expect to find yourself being beasted around the foothills near the camp in searing heat, or stagging on in what are possible the most boring Sanger's in the entire world. Also interesting that it's probably the only place the army currently operates where you'll find yourself carrying and surviving on ration packs, or sleeping under bashas, as you'll find yourself on 6 day rural patrols.

    Still, the threat is pretty low and as far as I know, in the 6 months I was there only one of these patrols was seriously ambushed.

    Kabul is a bit more interesting, especially in the summer. When we first got there, it was a few weeks before the elections and things were kicking off. No Brits were killed, but the German's and Yank's suffered, and so did a few other countries. We raided plenty of houses and arrested a lot of people.

    Through the winter, it got down to about minus 15 - minus 25 and nothing happened. We had constant threat reports coming in that varios suicide bombers were making their way from Pakistan or wherever with VRN's, descriptions, etc. but personally there were so many coming in, I'd began to ignore them. Then it got warm again and suddenly every single threat became real. Obviously the resistance which is there plans and organises itself through the winter and strikes in the summer.

    All in all, not a bad tour. You will see action, but it isn't a constant warzone like some parts of Iraq seem to be. The people there are friendly and genuinely supportive and grateful.

    Lastly, I can't see us deploying any more troops to places like Kabul because they're jampacked already, and pretty secure. In the mountains which cover large parts of Afghanistan, warlords are in charge rather than the government. Some of these warlords have entire divisions with tanks etc. I think if the army does deploy a large number of troops to Afghanistan (I read 5,500 somewhere), it would probably be to help pursuade the warlords to disarm, so I can see it being an entirely different kind of tour.