Afghanistan Xmas Box - my apologies...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. I would like to apologise to the soldier who is about to receive the Christmas box despatched by Litotes jnr some weeks ago.

    I would hide and subsequently destroy the Sonic Screwdriver (as used by Doctor Who) before your mates see it and mercilessly take the p**s.

    Litotes jnr thought it was a good idea - because it might help fight the Taleban - and has just shared his thoughts with me.

    Sorry. Although I can't help laughing....


    Merry Christmas to everyone on duty - wherever you are!
  2. If you receive my box:

    Check out the FHM. It has porn inside it.
    The DVD is not transformers - its a good hard copy of dutch porn.
    You will know it is mine because the message inside reads : To a soldier, all in reality isnt what it may seem.

    Enjoy it lads.
  3. Just found out tonight that the Booty we sent 43 boxes out to (for him and his muckers obviously) has been casevaced back here. Now praying that the system doesn't send his parcels back..... :x

    He's OK. Nothing terminal from what I gather. (Sounds painful though...) :oops:

    Merry Christmas folks!
  4. good feckin effort though stab, i think the love will be shared in the correct manner
  5. Litotes, I think your wrong the Soldier that gets that toy will be the envy of all and have a queue of oppos wanting a go. Porn is fun but it is the silly things that get you through the sh1tty bits and all credit to Litotes jr for having the vision to provide an item of gucci kit that will bring them home safe, youve got a little star there give him a hug as his heart is in the right place
  6. A Sonic Screwdriver! Lucky bugger :wink: I think I'll pop across to see the QM to see if its an expense item, doubt it though, and demand a couple. :roll: As long as they don't go on the OET obviously, probably a bit of a mare to go diffy one!

    And a general cheers to every one who has sent out boxes and boxes of goodies. Very much appreciated by all.

    Not sure on the official 'silver stockings' though, give us a gucci razor but no spare blades!! I think we've now got enough playing cards to wallpaper our work. Love the Mincemeat Flapjacks and reading lamp though.

    Finally remember Ops Boxes they're not just for Xmas. Mail is a highlight for everyone at anytime of the year in the ARRSE end of no where.

    Cheers everyone, Merry Xmas to everyone whether they're out and about, in the UK or Germany, or the tinternet.
  7. Exactly my first thoughts too.
  8. This may sound a bit wet but it isn't meant to be. I run a Cub pack where I live and, I'm sorry to say, I didn't think that we could have got the kids to send something to the guys in sandy places. If we wanted to make up for this later how would we go about it? Can we just send to 'A soldier in Afghanistan' or similar?
  9. Not really. You can make use of the free parcels service but they need to be addressed to a named individual. This is a better idea anyway as you then get your group involved with a person rather than an "idea".

    Ask around people you know for someone with a relative out there. Failing that, ask again on here or PM me.
  10. Hi Watcher I have raised over £800 at my work to send out parcels to Afghanistan. We have contacted the Army who have put us in touch with our local battalion who deploy soon. I am now in contact with the families officer he willl then deliver the parcels out to the padre in Afghanistan who will give them out to the lads and lasses when they deploy. We have also given them heavy items now ie shower gel etc now so they can take stuff with them when they deploy
    I make the parcels up, wrap them and then the rear party guys will address them for me and take them to the post office .
    PM me if you want a list given to me by my local battalion of items they have asked me for
  11. my dad (ex crab) spent HOURS playing with my little 'uns sonic screwdriver on Xmas day. He was using invisible ink to write lewd messages on my mothers napkin! I reckon they'll be squabbling over it by now!