Afghanistan woman stoned to death

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Islam at work.
  2. Fcuking heathens!
  3. no no that's what we are.................................... :?
  4. She'll not 'go over the side' again.
  5. Dear Armourer!

    First of all I condemn this barbarism unconditianally.

    Islam is not something special. Let's recall atricities of inquisition. Can we say that Christianity was 'at work' that time?
  6. I believe this is one of the muslim shi'i laws at work and this is what some muslims here in the UK want to obey as opposed to our laws...
  7. I think that she got everything she deserved. We need a bit of that over here. Put them in thier places.
  8. Yawn, now sod off back to U75. It seems to have escaped your notice that this is what muslims are doing now at this moment...I think you will find that the inquisition was some years ago.
  9. Our country our laws - if you don't like it don't live here :evil:

    Is this sharia law? Where they have islamic sharia courts ignoring the law laid down by the government - whether democratically elected or not?
  10. Its the 21 century not the 4th useless backward scum .People like this should be harvested and frozen and used for spare parts .
  11. THEM???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Yes, I have 14 wives and if any of them go 'over the side' they'll be meeting with some masonry and I don't mean the Lodge type either.
  13. Its a bit extreme!! Could they not just hire a divorce lawyer??????
  14. The actual act of stoning is law, but no-one is sure if the noble versus was written after the word on Prophet Muhammad, if it was, then in fact stoning is illegal and flogging of both man and woman is the law of Islam.

    Wonder what the penalty for wrongful killing is.....

  15. Same as for being fat in a mosque......death.

    (Stay away from mosques chubby)