Afghanistan - What did we actually gain?

Apparently the UK gained some money, and more people to house and care for.

'Up until just recently, Denmark paid a secret sum of money to the UK to accept 23 interpreters who helped the Danish forces in Afghanistan.

'According to information that Berlingske newspaper has come into possession of – info confirmed by the Defence Ministry – the ordeal involves 12 interpreters who had initially been denied an entry visa to Denmark and 11 who desired to go to the UK.

'Up until June, just five Afghan interpreters had been granted asylum in Denmark out of 139 applicants.

'According to Berlingske, the fee paid to the UK was based on calculations relating to how much it would cost the UK to evaluate their documents, integrate them and the sum of five years of social benefits.

'The interpreters were employed by the UK in Afghanistan, but had also assisted and been paid by the Danish forces.

'All in all, 195 interpreters assisted the Danish forces during the war in Afghanistan.'



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Went out there came back, what did we achieve or gain………I feel my personal point of view is zero, the west in general gained absolutely zip out there. We held the ground we stood on, nothing more, we were underfunded and ill lead as far as I am concerned, we got some ok-ish kit out of it, but what has happened to that? We have not learnt a thing in the political world stage, our high ups have again not learnt anything of value or that will stick and be acted on. And the worse thing is we lost very good people out there, and loads have returned with wounds and scares, some we can see some we can not. The disconnect between the political leadership who sends us out on these little adventures and the reality is staggering. When I think of the people that were lost out there, those that were wounded, physically and mentally it makes my blood boil.
We will however do it all again, and I fear sooner than the idiots up top will admit.