Afghanistan: Were asking our troops to do the impossible

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Afghanistan: We're asking our troops to do the impossible

    It is time for a new strategy and fresh commitment to Afghanistan, argues Nick Clegg.

    by Nick Clegg
    Published: 7:39PM BST 08 Jul 2009
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    When I visited British troops in Afghanistan last year I was, like everyone else, hugely impressed by their professionalism and courage. That admiration only deepens when news comes, all too regularly, of the death of someone serving there. Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe, who helped organise my visit, was killed last week alongside Trooper Joshua Hammond, in a vehicle unable to withstand a roadside bomb. We owe it to them to ensure their sacrifice is not in vain.
    As leader of the Liberal Democrats, I have been keen to maintain the cross-party consensus on Afghanistan that formed after September 11, and has not faltered since. But recent events have led me to question, for the first time, whether we're going about things in the right way. I am concerned that we are simply not giving our troops the means to do their difficult job. We must not will the ends without being prepared to will the means.
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  2. This comment was posted on the website of the DT regarding the article

    For once I have to agree with most of Mr Clegg has to say.I to am appalled by this governments conduct of this war.Its cowardly to say the least and criminal to say just above the least.Such incompetence I have never seen in my life.Add to that the infighting between Blair ,Brown,pro CND MP's and the only thing that has happened is confused non policy that has resulted in needless death and wounded in our soldiers.Either we are at war or we are not,there is no half way house.Our soldiers in particular need equipment urgently.Our so called Defence Minister said that helicopters were not the answer!I have in all my life heard such rubbish coming from a Minister who sounds as though he is lucky to be able to speak English.Our soldiers need Kit,Kit,and more Kit.I have a vested interest in this as my son is about to take command of his battalion shortly,and I am a retired senior officer myself.
    Well said Mr Clegg I hope Mr Cameron gets the message as well for as a Tory supporter I think he is becoming untrustworthy on this issue.
  3. Nick Clegg will be interviewed on the Today Program at 07:50 this morning to comment on the article.
  4. He basically said more troops, more equipment and more helicopters and get our act together regarding a political and ISAF military strategy.
  5. Just watched Clegg on BBC, Jesus, can it be true, a politico talking sense, Ainsworth seems to be a complete cnut with no military knowledge at all, who coudn't back his car up, let alone the troops in Afghanistan. Good for Clegg for telling it as it is, totally effed up
  6. His general thrust for a more joined up and properly resourced approach is exactly what's been said on here since 2006.

    I doubt however that he has thought through his argument which implies the Lib Dems would logically support an expansion of the army..

    Penny on income tax? :wink:
  7. Or get out, Afganistan 4 Great Britain 0
  8. Somewhat worrying
    Leader of the Liberal Party backing the Forces

    Am I just a touch cynical thinking he's done this as a vote winner after the kicking his party got at the local and Euro elections?, or is he genuinely stating his party's policy towards defence?
  9. Nick Clegg can say all these things because he will never be in a postion where he has to deliver. The reality is that:

    - there are no more troops

    - there is no more money

    - the UK has little or no chance of influencing politcal/ISAF military strategy.
  10. Politicians will say anything to get votes/recognised.
  11. Lets face the fact that the three cnuts Blair,Brown, and Reid should not have got the UK involved in this efup in the first place, just to kiss George Bush's Arrrse
  12. Although I agree with what you say LISpace what Clegg is saying is that there should be more money and troops thrown at this problem. We are risking our troops lives for want of a bit of political will to find the money from somewhere, either that or either withdraw completely or re-role and restructure our contribution to that of support to the aggressor nations. Perhaps just providing medical support or something like that.
  13. Having read the book "A million bullets" it is clear that the title of this thread is something of an understatement. Fortunately the troops have a can do attitude, even when they know that they are expected to shovel tons of brown and smelly uphill
    without the shovel.
  14. The Goobermint says their is no more money for defence, but they were able to find the couple or three hundred Billion to bail out their city banker mates…

    Go figure!
  15. ^ 'Quantative Easing' aka printing money from thin air...

    Whilst I am fairly apolitical, issues like this (about afghanistan) bring the questions to the fore and spark debate, which can only be healthy. In the meantime, whilst 'they' debate, good men and women will continue to implement the UK plc Foreign Policy.