Afghanistan War Movie - help needed

My kingdom for the name of this movie:

A while back, I saw about 15min of what looked like a pretty good war movie. It wasn't a Hollywood effort; it looked like it was made in the East somewhere. Maybe actually Russia. It seemed to feature a Russian army tank crew during their war in Afghanistan.

The only bit I remember was the Comrades interrogating some Afghans and throwing one of them under the tank track for being difficult.

A search turned up this "Tank "Klim Voroshilov-2" (1990)" but I can't find any more info on it than that. Not sure if it's the one I'm looking for or not.

Has anyone seen this flick or got any idea what the name of it is? I want to find out the name so I can get a copy of it from somewhere - maybe buy it online or something like that.

Any help is appreciated.
Foggy Balla.... good man.

I just googled "The Beast" and it does indeed mention someone being run over by a tank. I admit that's probably standard fare for every Russian tank movie ever made but so far, you're leading the pack.

I don't remember any Hollywood types like Jason Patric being in it but then I only saw about a quarter of an hour of it.

Is it as good as I thought it was or did I catch the only good bit?
theres also a very good film called Company 28 (I think ?) which is very similiar...awesome take .. all in Russian with English subtitles...
The Beast ain't a bad movie. Quite enjoyable and worth a watch, although that's only my opinion :D The other movie you're maybe thinking of is 9th Company. Russian made with English subtitles/dubbing. Definitely well worth a watch.
Yep looks like the one I saw. Shame to see a Baldwin in it though... kind of detracts from the credibility a little.

Thanks guys for the assistance. I'll be adding The Beast to me war collection!

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