Afghanistan: Waning support more dangerous than Taliban

Afghanistan: Waning support more dangerous than Taliban - Stirrup
Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of the Defence Staff, has warned that declining public support for the military mission in Afghanistan risks undermining the whole campaign.

Published: 7:30AM GMT 04 Dec 2009

Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Jock Stirrup is concerned by the loss of support at home Photo: PA
He said the loss of support at home was more damaging to the morale of troops fighting on the frontline than IEDs - improvised explosive devices - or the Taliban.
In his annual lecture to the Royal United Services Institute in London, he said that while the Taliban could not win in Afghanistan, the international coalition could still fail if it lost the will to see the mission through.
''It's time we recalled those famous words: 'In war, resolution','' he said.
''This endeavour is important enough to our national security to justify the price our people are paying. The mission is achievable and at last we have a properly resourced plan to deliver the strategy.
''Our people in theatre know this. The greatest threat to their morale is not the Taliban or IEDs, but declining will at home. Support for our service men and women is indivisible from support for this mission.

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