Afghanistan Tribute Knife auction.

Hello. :)
Not sure where to start with this, so I'd better go from the beginning I guess....
My name is Ian Bailey and I'm a part time knifemaker.
Last year I was contacted by a member of knife forum who asked me some questions about various knifemaking stuff. After several emails, he paid a visit to my workshop and whilst drinking tea, smoking like chimneys and generally putting the world to rights, the following idea was born.
The man in question(who prefers to remain anonymous on t'interweb, hence the 'censored' tape in the photos) is a serving SNCO in The Light Dragoons.
Our idea was to make a knife and auction it to raise money for Help for Heroes.
Eventually the knife was made and the auction was registered as an event on the Help for Heroes website
Here's a few photos of the knife.
Blade is 6 1/2" 1095 steel with 303 stainless fittings. Overall length is 11".
The handle is a resin composite (virtually the same as Micarta) made from the desert DPM worn by the serviceman whilst serving on Op Herrick 10 in Helmand Province in 2009.
This knife is dedicated to all those who have lost their lives.

The knife auction is now up and running.
For further details of the knife and the auction itself, click on the link below.

Thanks for looking. :D

Still one of my proudest days for me n u m8.
And to get it published in Gun Mart in 2 seperate months was the dogs nackaz.
lata m8

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