Afghanistan then onto private security.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pigdog, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Left R.A. about 5 years ago and am interested in going to Afghanistan with an aim then possibly doing private security. The two options i believe i have are; sign back on as a reservist or join t.a.!

    Reservist option as of 5-6 days ago, infantry driver or R.L.C. not what i belive would help me if i chose to look into private security afterwards( this being a consideration).

    T.A. spoke to them and they said i would have to do 1 weekend a month for 9 months to become a "trained solider" not really wanting to wait that long.

    So any quicker ways to get in without rejoining?

    Mate whos still in R.A. said as an infantry driver i would more likely than not get to do the infantry job and possibly do a bit of driving( i'm not totally convinced i'm not just going to end up stagging on and potentially not gain a great deal of knowledge)?

    If i do want to possibly go into the private security aspect would this be enough with a tour and civvie bodyguard course? Any answers greatly appreciated, ie life in generall in Afghanistan, how long to upskill from R.H.A. (R.A.) to infantry?

    Chees Gents.
  2. RMP TA can now do the CP course, do the course, a tour and you will have one of the best CP courses that you can do in the world as well as CP experience.
  3. Not a bad idea, could take a while to become an R.M.P.even T.A.? Any thoughts
  4. Whereabouts are you mate?
  5. Heard now that blokes doing Cp course are made to sign a contract of some sort. In the past blokes were doing the course, the day that the course ended they were signing off!
  6. Yorkshire lad rellegated to Coventry.
  7. Yeah, was thinking of doing a civie one.

    My main thought at the moment is i have a reasonable job, do want to go to Afghanistan but if i do go would like to have the correct experience to have the option to apply for private security. So most concerned about getting out there fairly quickly, hopefully by August.
  8. Cannock cant be that far from you then where we have a det, one of the lads from there was the first ever TA bod to complete the CP course.

    There is no extra "contract" as such to sign if you pass, you simply go on tour, come back and get de-mobbed.
  9. Whats the private sector daily wage for CP these days? Heard it had plummeted to plumbers wages of recent date the market is so mobbed.

    40+ now myself so far from interested. Mug's game unless for sensible dollar..

  10. This may be the case as the RMP are very very very concerned about loosing what was once a very highly skilled course where only the best delegates would pass. Its down to numbers now and therefore retention is key. Although rumours have resurfaced that it may be going all arms after a spate of negligent mistakes brought about by inexperienced Team Leaders and poorly graded delegates passing what is now an attendence course. The infantry would do a fantastic job within this role given an opportunity.
  11. the best provider by far to get your CP badge is Control Risks.

    most instructors are ex 22, and they only train ex-mil apart from a few exceptions.

    to get ahead, try for 21 or 23, pass, do you time, then do your CP course at CRG, pretty much certain to get Team Leader role whilst in Iraq/Afghan etc.

    on the plus side, Control Risks have supposdley not had a contact in Iraq for over a year.
  12. Be careful how you approach it mate. If your new to the Middle East most firms will be a bit apprehensive, a bit of knowledge about the ground/people and experience of being at the sharp end usually pays dividends. I have been out on Telic and Herrick as a reservist and it is a good crack, give Glasgow a nod, you will probably have to nip into a careers office to re-sign to a reserve liability then you are good to go. Last time I deployed it took 4 months from the first call to getting back in rig. Get out on a tour, invest some of the saved pennies in a recognised and viable CP course when you get back and go from there, PM me if you want any specifics mate but WATCH OUT for lone operators who are effectively playing it by ear in Afghanistan, lads have turned up and found themselves living 20k away from the nearest coalition base getting by on lamb curry, sh*t comms kit, nil body armour and being shuttled around in Toyota Hilux's and ending up effectively 'thumbing a lift home' when the contracts run out !