Afghanistan: The mess that Harry left behind

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Afghanistan: The mess that Harry left behind

    An inquiry into a soldier’s death reveals an army angry at political machinations, says Michael Smith
    The favourable media coverage of Prince Harry's time in Afghanistan was a stunning public relations success for defence chiefs, but it merely papers over the problems facing the troops he left behind.

    The extent of those difficulties - and the Labour government's role in making them worse - was exposed last month in a board of inquiry report into the death of the first British soldier to die in action in Helmand. Due to its timing, however, it has received little attention.
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  2. Never was the term "Lions led by Donkeys" so appropriate.

    Personally speaking I thinks Harrys deployment is drawing attention to the failings and incompetence of the MOD political leadership and not distracting from it.
  3. onWTF has this got to do with Wales? Stop tagging shit onto his name *JUST LIKE THE MEDIA* and let the soldier get on with his job. A media coup that reflects positively on the army can only have a positive impact on the soldiers out there, so quit your jounalist like YAK and STFU.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Why don't you wind your neck in you gobsh1te sprog and try actually reading the article, engaging your retarded brain and then make an intelligent informed comment. Or just fcuk off to the NAAFI you ********. :roll:
  5. The mess is caused by all media outlets, when they set the agenda and not the weak government of the day, "Thank you spin"!

    Good news does not seel the papers, or set the programming on the TV news and when it does it is very selective and only too often misleading depending on the editors leaning.

    However, one man, no matter who he is, does not make a war, sorry I keep forgetting 'Herr Busch' and his hawks.

    Harry did his best and thats all we can ask, and ask of anyone serving in a poorly resourced campaign such as the past two WARS we have and still are fighting!

  6. The past TWO???? Do you know of previous wars when the forces were properly resourced?
  7. the most interesting (and accurate?) comment from anyone recently was Deverell commenting on why he had to be withdrawn, no "risk to himself and others from terry taleb" line, but something a little more pertinant, that the media storm/attention/swarming over harry or where he might be would seriously impede operations and increase risk that way.

    I remember a press officer briefing last year describing the media as a shark, that you had to feed titbits too at arms length, but if it went into a frenzy you had to get clear of the area soon as.
    A reasonably apt simile
  8. couldn't jounros bee used like reactive armour :twisted:
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ah, I was hoping there would be a picture of a massive crater where Terry Taliban once stood... Be apt for a FAC!

    Sadly just more media bollcoks. He does his job, and well by the sound of it. Let him crack on!
  10. well said that man, unfortunately the whole situation has turned into a media circus, and the facts of life in the hot sandy places for the average serving soldier has been lost in the scrum for Harry. His laudible attempt at trying to get to know and hopefully be a knowing voice has been lost with all the glossy photo's and film coverage which makes it look like he went to afghan instead of closters this year!!
    FFS the job must be hard enough to do and i for one have only a minor knowledge of this without seeing the sudden explosion of media coverage on the back of his deployment, programmes such as the one Ross Kemp made are what is needed to bring home the reality of life in a modern warzone not photo oportunities for well known reporters or unfortunately heirs to the throne,
    Nice idea but poorly thought out delivery.

    Just who the fock do you think you are exactly?

    Leave the politicking to the politicians and do your job spastic.

    It's cnuts like you that are stirring all this sh1t and bringing everyone down.

  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I can see you don't do intelligent then. No surprise judging by most of your posts. :roll: You seem to be managing the boring fine on your own. Did you actually bother to read the article? Thought not.
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do you actually understand the concept of the different Areas that exist in ARRSE?

    Please keep this type of behaviour out of CA.

    Many thanks.

  14. Actually, its cunts like you with ill informed comment on something they didn't even bother to read that brings everyone down

    Whilst I am not here in anyway to defend Ord, you clearly have mad a tit of yourself by not reading the posted article. If you did bother to read it, you would realise that it has very little to do with Lt Wales.

    I suggest going back and reading (you can get help with the big words). Then, when you realise that you have been a tit, make a sensible statement that adds to debate
  15. Good point brought up and if the TABLOIDS did infact highlight the problems instead of the prince and his return (not that i dont agreed he has done a great job and that he is a top bloke!) but maybe, just maybe there might be action taken but i feel that this small article is as far as it will go, especially with Britney having just fallen out with her recent husband and the fallout of the hollywood writers strike still taking its "terrible" toll...