Afghanistan Service Medal

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by rantingremf, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. ok was speaking with a rupert the other day and he turns round to me, facing me with his nice shiny brand new Afghan medal but he was also sporting the Nato Afghan medal, is this right? is he entitled to it as i can assure he joined after me.

    further more i have done three tours, he has two but i have no nato medal.

  2. As far as I was aware the NATO couldn't be worn. I got it because I had been in Kabul for a spell.
  3. thats what i thought, i didnt think he should be wearing it, i think its a case of ive got my ACSM and OSMA i thought there is no way he could have the thing,

    so for him to have it im guessing he needs to be seconded to a nato unit or something?
  4. There's two, one is pre Aug 2007 with a 'Non Article 5' Clasp. The other is after Aug 07 (when NATO ISAF took over) and has an 'ISAF' Clasp. Look nice in your drawer but you are not allowed to wear them.

    Edited to add: The J8 tent (where you cash your cheques) next to the TCMC in BSN 1 doles them out with a certificate.
  5. It appears that you can pick one of those up on each tour as no-one seems to regulate issues. And no you can't wear them or the minatures. I've got a couple in the drawer and handed one to me Mum.
  6. right, i will be certain to tell him next time he is invited to the mess, but i obviously missed out on a nice lump of metal to stick in the draw.
  7. your mums a walt
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  8. If you work in a NATO unit those vital J1 jobs are generally given to the Spanish, Greeks, Romanians, Portuguese, (insert any other non-five-eyes nations) to organise. Just rock up at any medal parade and some South European 8-star General with feathers in his hat will pin one on you. I wouldn't call it a nice lump of metal either. It's a piece of dead old sh1t probably made by five-year olds in China. Junk; not even as good as the QGJM. I would have sent you one of 8 NATO medals I have acquired but I melted them down and made them into a decorative bronze turd.
  9. You tell her.
  10. its not that simple.

    i call you mum a walt. you tell me to confront your mum. i refuse to actually confront your mum because i'm away on holiday/living in another country now/have a tummy bug. somebody says who cares if your mums a walt. someone else points out that her one medal is mounted in the wrong order. someone speculates that she is a TA/cadet instuctor big timing it. TA/cadet instuctors get upset. a new poster remembers serving with your mum back when she was in the mortars. another poster contemplates suicide. some posters encourge him. five posters ask to see pics at the same time.
  11. You mean the J1 cell?

    I have one, though I can wear it, as I'm a stinking civvy now.......the Brig told me so.
  12. It's got as much metal on it as a lidl chocolate coin.
  13. You ca n wear them on mess dress. There is a DIN out on that. I know that because the senior mess WO tried to catch a couple of us out at a dinner and was a bit taken aback that we had beaten him to it. I think, from memory, the first mess dinner resulted in over 90% of seniors getting fined !
  14. I was led to believe that NATO/ISAF/UN gongs could be worn with miniatures.

    Maybe just in the Corporals mess because its not an official mess? To be fair I could just be piecing together various rumours for different sources.

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