Afghanistan Scaled Back Due to Dutch Wobble

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Bosnia sending troops ???? Should,nt they be sorting out thier own countrys mess.

    Regards LT.
  2. Why do that when you can have the rest of the world do it for free?!
  3. Reading thro the article it looks like a good excuse to bottle out and helpfully cover up the fact we can't man the deployment without shafting lots more TA and f**king up any chance of the Brownite F**Kwit being elected or shagging his fagpacket budget
  4. Looks like wobbles all over to me. NATO has become an alliance of weebles.
  5. Puts me in mind of the question allegedly asked by a Dutch Marine CO when his troops were nominated to lead an advance in Northern Iraq on Op Safe Haven in 1991.

    "But I am wondering who will stay behind to guard the rather nice valley in which we are camping?"

    I believe that after a near diplomatic incident the answer was.....allegedly, the Dutch Marines
  6. This is getting to look like a right bunch of strategically incoherent and operationally overextended arrse, no? So because the Dutch aren't coming we are going to scale down the op and send two battalions of light infantry but not the fires or there's a good idea if ever I saw one, a load of airborne running about some hills full of enemy/semienemy 8,000 miles from home without their artillery support or AH64s and with half the Deathstar fleet out of action. Having fewer allies means we need LESS firepower?
  7. The USAF will provide all the close fire support you will need. 8)
  8. Probably too close, at times.
  9. oh sh1t!!!