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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Rolex, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Good Morning.
    I am after some realistic advice please.
    I am a civilian police officer with 24 years experience and hold police training qualifications and a teaching degree.I have been offered a chance to go on secondment for a year to Helmand province to train up the local police force.
    It is very highly paid to the point one years graft would pay the remainder of the mortgage and set me up for retirement in 2017, or even give me the option of retiring in 18 months aged 46 ( I wont bore you with police pension details).
    However what are the risks? There is no way I would be 'front line' as such.However the worries are things like are the trainees truly onside or can they go crazy and turn on staff and what is security like around the camps.Just a bit of realism please from those who have actually been or are there.
    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. There has been some rouge elements of the ANP who have shot and killed British Service Persons, However only you can judge that risk, I would do it myself as it is probably a lot safer than the role of an RMP Embed etc....
  3. you should post this on a police forum as well and get some advice from someone who has done this role (you may have already done this - if so just ignore me)
  4. I trained Police Officers in Iraq in '06 (with ArmorGroup, not on secondment). The contract was with the FCO and, as such, we were given an escort to and fro the Police Academy by the British Army. There is always a danger of a rogue element and my advice, when instructing, is always wear your sidearm and ensure it is loaded. It can go very, very bad, very, very quickly. If you're mentoring (ie: out and about) wear your helmet and EBA at all times. Better to be sweaty and tired than dead. Again, regardless of what others are doing ALWAYS wear your sidearm when amongst ANA or ANP. Stay switched on. Stay focused. You can daydream about ******* some bird when you're back in camp.

    If it goes pear shaped, the Army will handle it. It is highly unlikely that you will be invited to 'join in'. If you do, it will be under control of the Military. If you are, you know it's really gone tits up. Concentrate, at that time, purely on your personal safety and the safety of the guys around you. If, whilst all this is happening, you identify a threat, take it down.

    Something to remember, we were forbidden to travel in Snatch Land Rovers as the FCO view was that they were inadequately protected.(????) Doing so would invalidate your insurance. I've also worked in Afghanistan (as a REMF contractor) so can give you advice on that if needed.

    Edited to add:

    If you do deploy, be humble. Don't look down on the Military guys simply coz they look like kids (and a lot do!). You have 24 years in but some of these guys will have seen and done things that you and I don't even have nightmares about.
  5. Thanks for the responses so far. I am a moderator on probably the largest uk police site and felt there wasn't any experience for this.
    They are particularly interested in none firearms trained officers for this job this suits me fine as I have never fired a gun in my life.
    My expertise is teaching people police procedures and how to get cases home at court.I was/am my forces most experienced tutor constable by some margin.
    I won't be dreaming about birds or anything else.I have looked after myself and would see this as a challenge and to set myself up for retirement.Believe me the cops these days look like kids.There is no way I would look down on anyone.
    I think it would be an interesting secondment, I will post the job description on Monday see what you think.
  6. That made oi larf, that did.

    No probs mate, good luck!
  7. On another note the ex service personnel who joined the police were without exception never any problem.I would have had many more which would have cut down the 25% drop out rate in the first year when people realise its not such a giddy whirl.
    I was actually supposed to get Lee Clegg until recruitment pulled the rug from under him at the last minute.This would have coincided with the riots,where we most definitely could have done with some military back up!
  8. I don't think that public order was his area of expertise, but it has to be said that he was pretty effective in dealing with TWOC.
  9. Hi Rolex,

    I will not go into huge detail on here for all sorts of reasons but if this is what you fancy doing, you should PM me - I go shortly, and you may be working with some of my men if you go on H13.

    If not, please disregard and pay no attention.

    TDF Out
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Kit Reviewer

    Drop me a PM with the job details and I should be able to tell you something - I have recently returned from working with the ANP
  11. Well all the bumf is through seems to be a standard application form.My only worries would be passing the firearms course to hold a gun for personal protection having never fired anything other than an airgun.Plus the fitness I am 44 years old and couldn't compete with any younger guys at sport anymore, but can do the very basic police fitness test bleep test that the students (probationers) have to do and have a BMI of 21.5 -22 with no health conditions to speak of.
  12. 'Believe me the cops these days look like kids.' Bloody CHIEF CONSTABLES are starting to look like kids to me!
  13. Might be worth getting contact with the MOD Police as they are at FOB's training the ANP, former colleagues of mine are or have served out there (I transferred to the Met from MDP) Your pre deployment training would almost certaintly be at Wethersfield initially and all your deployment kit will be issued from there. I never did an overseas deployment but if you got in contact with them they should be able to answer your questions.
  14. Right application almost complete just one more section on community focus and tidy it up.They actually want names and phone numbers of the people who will verify my comments or otherwise.The application will be with my chief inspector on Thursday at 1pm as I have a meet with him anyway.
    Hopefully I will get back to doing what I do best in training new recruits I am still bitter that my last job was cut through civilianisation at a stroke of a pen by someone who knews nothing about it.Just saw a 15k saving in employing a civvie rather than me *******!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    Eh ?
    I think I know what you meant.