afghanistan queen and country

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Dunc0936, Jun 17, 2008.

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    I have spent some time looking at the site, seems a lot of effort has gone into this, this to me looks like a good start but a lot more needs to be done to raise the profile of the forces,

    perhaps a weekend summer event in Hyde Park, similar to the pagant Wills and Harry help organise earlier in the yr!!!!

  2. Afghanistan Queen and (some other f*ckers) Country!
  3. Yes well that says it all really, no wonder we struggle to get the public on our side when there are people like you on the forum and in general
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Saw the story of "Sky man survives valley of death" story yesterday morning on TV. What a load of tosh. Few fairly tame long range firs fights it seemed, and the journo was cacking it. Didn't notice a single raised voice from the pathfinders or a single bleeped obscenity either.

    Not in the same league as the stuff in Ross Kemp in Stan and Commandos on the front lines. All that story did was make ignorant civvies worry about not much. Much as I hate to say it, Ross Kemp has done a lot possitive for the forces with that one program. Depressingly, modern Britain needs a celebrity face or they just change channel. Get some other TV hardmen out to stan with the boys so Joe Public can see the real face of the army.
  5. Agreed about the Pathfinders contact. But fair play to sky news who have a number of stories on their channel in their Afghan Week. They are raising the profile of the forces.
    One thing though. It has taken a commercial station to devote a fair bit of effort into raising the profile of the Forces in Afghan. What have we had from our National Broadcaster Fuck all. Shame on the BBC. Well done Sky news
  6. That Jackal looks nice and stable... 8O
  7. I think Sky News should at least get a pat on the back, the buggers in London are working their balls off to get the right picture across to the public. They have also been on this site and asked people to submit ideas for the week long feature. It's not as if they are not trying. Its a hell of lot more than any newspaper has done recently.

    I couldn't find a single thing on the BBC website about Afghanistan....

    And Where the Hell is Ross Kemp when you need him?

    *right now you can execute me for sticking up for a little bit of journalism.
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    OK. Fair call. I'll retract my whinge. Afterall the guy in blue body armour had likely never even seen real automatic weapons being fired, never mind right at him.
  9. seems that this sky report is making things uncomfortable for the government, talking about the lack of helo's and the 12 sitting in the UK because of a screw up.

    shame this sort of programme is not on BBC 1 at 7pm week days, may raise the profile further

  10. I totally agree there should be alot more on beeb about the lads out there. Lets get rid of eastenders and put on programmes about the lads in Afgan and Iraq as well as the lads in every other shite hole were deployed to.

    Unfortunately if we did all you'd get is a bunch of muppets writing to there MP moaning about paying their tv licence "'cos i only av a telly to watch eastenders"

    Good Work Sky. But also let's not forget about those from the beeb who've been killed and injured whilst reporting from the various shite holes around the world where we are/ and have been deployed

    Provided of course they report everything correctly
  11. We know sky news are on this forum, and are welcome as far as im concerned, anyone from the BBC on here???
  12. That's a well put together webby. Good videos and good stories all round.

    +1 for Sky News.

  13. Which 12 are they, then?