Afghanistan, on the dollar trail.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by pp0470, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. An interesting look at life in kabul
  2. That's interesting - the provided link doesn't work! Pity - it sounded promising.
  3. Might not have been rocket science, but I'm a way off been an astronaut. Thank-you for link fixy.

    Just finished watching part 2 of report - nowt we couldn't of guessed, but interesting to see this side of kabul close up

    Afghanistan, on the dollar trail. Part 2 — RT
  4. No problem, glad to assist...
  5. It;s difficult to decide which is more corrupt,Afghanistan or Pakistan.IMHO Afghan wins it.
  6. But on the other hand Pakistan profess to / are supposed to know better.
  7. I don't think there's any difference to choose between them. Informative video's and something that's quite well known in terms of how it all works in that part of the world but, it's nice to see some flesh put on the bones. Shame they are not broadcast on the telly for everybody to see because it's bloody criminal that that's what we are propping up.