Afghanistan - Now Obamas War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PubMaster1, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. It is his baby now. Afghans protesting the latest attack. His willingness to close Gitmo, negotiate with rogue states, etc. will lead to even more unrest.
    Less than a week on the job and he's in trouble.
  2. I disagree. He is pretty popular in the Muslim world, he is closing Gitmo, and he isn't Bush.

    I think this will give him a lot more room to manoeuvre than his predecessor.
  3. My bold.

    I fail to see how negotiating with Iran will lead to more unrest, if anything it could be the solution.

    I think you just dislike Obama & no matter what he does people like you will always hate him & start getting hard-ons whenever you think he might have got something wrong
  4. If he counters his olve branch extension with ferocious force then there are gains to be made.
  5. Much as one Hates it, like it or not, You have to TALK to the Enemy no matter how despicable they be.
  6. John - You are right where the 'enemy' is organised and can be said to provide a listener. As I understand 'gan, there is no one Army opposing us. It seems it is not just Talib but local chiefs who object. Even if we get some sort of agreement with Bloke A, there is no guarantee that Blokes B, C, D et al agree with him as a spokesman for them and their parochial interests. Remember the vacuum in NI when PIRA broke away and we had to try and negotiate with pin men and the stickies both?
  7. Of course you should always talk to your enemy - when they come under a white flag asking to negotiate their terms of surrender.
  8. I never said I hated him, I just think he is sending the wrong messsage to the wrong people. I don't believe the Iranians will negotiate in good faith, as they have no reason to. They'll use it as a tactic to stall and delay and eventually take the time to do whatever evil they are up to.

    As for the Taliban, or Al Qaida in Afghanistan, they have a great track record, don't they?

    I guess he isn't Bush, and I didn't agree with many of Bush's policies, but Obama, will eventually capitulate to the Taliban.

    As the prophecy says, the evil will come from within.

  10. Well at least the coalition of the willing got the job done. I think Obama now realises how impotent NATO is, it's time we all did.
  11. I don't think NATO became impotent, I think it lost common goal...
  12. Winning?
  13. Thanks ORC for putting me right.
    Yes you do need a Someone to talk to.
    The eternal problem of, Withdraw from Empire, just who is the opposition and who do you talk to.
  14. I personally think that Iraq is not a war won, more a situation that has stabilised for just long enough to everyone announce they are pulling out. Al sadr et all toe the line until the majority of forces have gone and then there is a huge risk of Iranian invasion/influence, civil war taking over or the insurgents seizing power. It could become a lawless breeding ground for terrorism with out much encouragement and then little control..
  15. It depends on the definition of 'victory'? In theory it is possible to give a definition that would make the war in Vietnam victorious.

    By the way, what is the cardinal difference between the wars in Iraq and in Vientnam?

    Returning to Afghanistan, the war here painfully reminds one that the Soviet union waged in the country.