Afghanistan medal?

Hi just a quick question regarding the Op Herrick medal. I've just sorted my miniatures and bought an Afghan one should it have the Afghanistan bar or not as it was an option to have it without? I dont receive the full size one until June but I need to get my Mess dress sorted, many thanks.
That clip offends my eyes!!!!! You should get the Afghanistan clasp with your miniature (I'm sure a medal pedant will be along shortly to give you chapter and verse).
Yeah i got the clasp with my miniatures today and very smart they are too, I just was'nt sure what the qualifying criteria for the bar was as the medal site was offering them with and without.
I did HERRICK 6 last year, but I couldn't tell you the exact qualifying criteria for the clasp, but I think that there are some. Look on the MoD website for details.
Did you get the clasp on yours? Ive just done H 7 so if you did there is a better than average chance i will too.

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