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Afghanistan medal?

Does anybody know when the Afghanistan medal is going to be coming out? I have heard that it has been approved but the colours undecided, anyone know any more than this?
Ive just picked up my stripey and would like to get it on my mess kit!
I believe that the Afghan medal will be a variant of the new Op Service Medal replacement for the old GSM which has now run out of clasps.

Polite enquiries by my own unit about the status of the Afghan award (given that we already know the qualifying criteria for GWII Gong) suggested that a DCI was imminent.

I believe that the OSM will be awarded for similar conflicts to the GSM.  However, instead of clasps, campaigns will see the award of a slightly different gong with a different ribbon.



It would be a nice touch to have the 1842 Afghanistan medal ribbon colours in some way incorperated, red white and yellow in water patern.- But I doubt it!
Well its on the MoD website today that the Queen has just approved the Op Telic Medal for the 45k that served on the Op. So where the hell is the Afghan one??

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