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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lewbo, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Hello, i'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, sorry if it is'nt.

    I'm due out to Kabul quite soon, i'm not ex-mob so i'm not really sure what to expect weather wise.
    I was wondering if any of you lads who have been out there could recommend some decent kit to purchase (by kit i mean
    I'm gonna be there for a while.
  2. It depends when you are going; it will soon be winter and will be very cold. Currently the weather is similar to a warm European Autumn (minus the leaves).

    You do not specify what you will be doing and whether you will be in any type of uniform at all.
  3. no, no uniform at all
    I will be there for summer and winter for my sins, i dont need webbing or anything like that. I'm not going to be operational, but i will be exposed to the conditions quite a bit.
  4. Journo, terrorist or worst.................a walt?
  5. A bit unfair, Spenny, there could be many reasons for travelling to Kabul, like the FO, a charity, DfiD etc.

    But to answer the query, if you search these fora, there have been many threads on the best kit to take to Iraq and Afghanistan. Good boots are essential if you are out on the ground.

    Don't take anything that doesn't like dust! Nor anything that needs careful maintenance/dry cleaning or the like. You really need strong, good quality clothes that wash and dry with the minimum of effort!

    But it really depends on what you are doing!

  6. Maybe spenny some bloke who has got off his arrse got a job in the stan and genuinely needs some help/info on what kit to take to Aghanichad

    With a bit more info on his situation maybe someone could pass on some knowledge or words of wisdom

    I doubt wether a journalist is gonna cook up a media storm from chlothing reccomendations

    I doubt a terrorist is going to glean important ops info from a clothing list

    A walt may have an interest in kit for Afghanistan but SO FECKIN WHAT

    All your post has done has confirmed you are a fecking halfwit and probably don't have the wisdom or knowledge to help here
  7. Talk about fekin touchy - it was only a joke guys. I take it your not morning people then?.......... Go away and have a brew and come back when your less "sensitive".


    No offence mate, just having a bit of fun. As Litites said, good boots are essential - Altberg make some excellent boots at reasonable prices and you can have them made to measure.

    Also I would recomend a decent sleeping bag and warm kit, especially with winter approaching as it can get harsh out there. Snugpak do good sleeping bags and softie jackets

    Good luck
  8. Nice regain,

    unfortunately its not morning where I'm at, miserable c+nt most the time

    Love n kisses
  9. My wife's exactly the same - I must have that effect on people.

  10. Lewbo,

    Most of the stuff out there is about the here and now, and not about what it is likely to be in December. MSN has a page that shows the monthly averages:

    Weather in Kabul

    Scroll down towards the bottom!

    I am surprised that they reckon it only falls to 40F in winter. I would have guessed that at 6000ft ASL and without a maritime influence, it would get very cold. But I haven't been there.

    Anyone with experience care to comment?

  11. Kabul last winter. Frequently below -5C. Occasionally below -10C. -15C is not unknown. Frequent snow. Rain (and mud) late winter through spring (incl March/April). Dust, dust and more dust - not "clean" dessy stuff but genuine filth. Prepare for cough and chest problems!!! Have fun.
  12. Only done the hot and dusty months I'm afraid and it hot and dusty
  13. lewbo,
    Boots- Altberg do excellent dezzie boots. i had their 'Dezzie microlites' in iraq last year and they were ******* awesome. beginnning of tour 3 blokes had them by the end half the coy had them. really good. Soon i think u will get issued the gortex pro boot or something similar and they are alright for when the weather gets wet wet.

    Most issued stuff aint half bad.
    I would part money for stuff like head torch, and assault vest which if ur gonna be in vechs is a must. No fancy one needed like 'LRRP Patrol Vest' or 'Marine Sub-aqua under water knife fighting vest'. The 'British Army Issue assault vest' is the one i have and love. would suggest u get it quick then take it too a cobblers (with an issue double ammo webbing pouch) and get them to sew on the issue pouch in replacement of the one on the vest cos they can be a bit shit and the issue ones are dime!

    (oh make sure it isnt either web-tex or arktis- SHITE)
    cant think of the top of my head anything else that is essential??

    p.s. i dont work for altberg, i just love their boots.

    boots -
    vests -

  14. A decent buffalo £80-110 or Montane£80-90) pertex jacket should do the trick and some bridgedale socks £10 per pair
  15. Helly hansen Lifas, plenty of! Rohan do some good winter trousers that can take a battering. A shemagh, though Im sure you will be able to buy one of those on chicken street, decent gloves, head torch, woolen hat. Goretex jacket. Hand cream and most importantly i found, was alchol gel for hand washing, used loads of it, especially useful after shaking hands with afghanis with questionable hygiene standards.