Afghanistan/Iraq wearing contact lenses?


I'm wondering are guys and girls able to wear contact lenses out in Afghanistan? What with it being hot and sandy etc.

People that have, was it do able? And did it work out ok?

Wore mine in Iraq last year. Ok when in office. No good at all when out on patrol or driving, as I found they fogged up and got really uncomfortable (specially at night on black out driving) when used with issued ballistic sunglasses and goggles.

I have heard that the MoD will pay to get prescription lenses fitted to issued ballistic eye protection, which is the way to go now I reckon.
I spent a wonderful few months in both Kabul and Bagram in 2002 with lenses in the whole time and provided you have lenses which you can leave in for a month so you aren,t forever taking them out and putting them in again you should be alright. You will have to watch out for the infernal winds whipping up the sand however. and a bit dry in the mornings.I didn't have any problems out on patrol but you might find the drying out a bit tiresome
A friend of mine managed to get sand under his lense which scratched his eye and became infected leading to casevac and permenant downgrading due to being that eye now being buggered. Apart from that he was fine.
Yeah I was thinkig of the continous wear type, as in the ones you where for 30 days then change.

Just worrying what with the sand and dust if they would be suitable.

Cheers guys,


If you have to wear goggles to keep the sand out then perhaps issued prescription goggles at oh say zero cost should work fine!

You will only know if contacts are any good when you get out there as everyone's deployments can be differant.

If i was you i would still get the addaptor for the issued glasses and goggles just in case, It does not take that long to do and you will have a safe (balistic tested) back up if contacts are no good for you.
30 day lenses work, but you are slightly limited in that you can't just ditch em like dailies especially if you get something in your eye

the one day and ditch lenses are pretty good, no fecking round with lotions and potions and they come in sterile packages, If you get shoite in em you can whip em out and chuck your joe ninetys on

I get double the requirement in three month packs, meaning I don't give a monkies about chucking them more than once a day.

they don't take any space up at all, I always go out with a pair in my back pocket for disco nights when I inevitably pull a choice bag off

Never lost any in 10 years of wearing the disposables, that includes surfing, swimming, Basra, kabul and numerous desert shoitholes round the world

If you do get shoite in your eyes, its not normally a major issue (as long as its not 7.62/frag) keep on top of any eye issue quickly as most are fairly simple to treat but need a degree of medical input (its your sight its important)

I think historically, problems with eye injuries that lead to permanant damage are due to not addressing problems immediately as they arise. The jungle seems to be a popular environment for this

But........I'm not an opthalmologist so take all the above with a pinch of salt

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