Afghanistan: Hundreds escape from Kandahar prison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Afghanistan: Hundreds escape from Kandahar prison
  2. What do you expect? The jail is run by the Afghans and they're ****ing useless, bar the taliban.
  3. Shouldn't that be:

    Afghanistan: Hundreds allowed to escape from Kandahar prison
  4. Couldn't agree more. Another 100 Talib commanders and near the end of the poppy harvest ......
  5. Yep. Much of the hard work done last year capturing them now undone. Would of been better off just topping them. Dead people can't escape.
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  6. What Id like to know is, how the **** did they manage to dig it that distance in total secrecy?

    Especially as they would have needed to use power tools to dig through the ground as it's like ****ing concrete. The Afghani's even call it "natural concrete"!
  7. the only good terry is a dead terry and so I wholeheartedly agree that capturing them isn't solving anything it's just delaying it until next time.
  8. Or we could stop fighting a pointless war and leave the corrupt, rotten shithole to it's own devices.
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  9. Agree 100%
  10. You couldn't make this shit up. A whole battalion of captured insurgents escape, they will all be in tip top condition thanks to the HRA I would guess they have have three square meals a day along with full access to medical and dental care. so not only have they escaped they are more than likely in better physical and mental condition than at any time in their miserable shitting behind a bush lives. It is also a safe bet that they will all be well motivated (as proved by the escape) and that there was considerable help from the outside. Most of them are possibly already in units ready to continue the good fight. FFS why do we bother.
  11. Oh come now? Since when did the yanks start pointless wars? ;)
  12. agreed! I'd much rather we'd spent all the money we've spent on building a huge Gaza-strip-style wall around the entire country so the population could just kill each other until they were all extinct (perhaps a B52 could do a carpet bombing run once a month just to help it on it's way), and then do a complete master reset, from scratch. It would have been the caring thing to do in the long term.

    But failing that, just going home would still be better than going out every day spending money, going out every week losing blokes, achieving absolutely **** all in a campaign that has absolutely no long term goal and typically just does the same thing as it did the day before until somebody comes up with an idea, which will no doubt be shite anyway.
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  13. I wonder if they named the tunnel?

    Tom , Dick or Harry would spring to mind, however Gul, Mohhamed or indeed Bin Laden might be more appropiate.

    Pesky Taliban
  14. @Cabana

    Ever since Big Oil told them to?
  15. Ah, but there was no oil in Vietnam...that was one of their more pointless wars.