Afghanistan Helicopters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seabrook3, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Lets hope the MOD are making the right decisions and giving our troops the best protected helicopters they need.
  2. Nathan, baby step away from the keyboard.
  3. Its goodthe Army getting more choppers in, they need and deserve them, and its comforting to see they are actually being checked, modified and upgraded in preperation for Afghan, but I hate when genral public leap to blame and complain about things such as the helicopters, alot of soldiers killed by landmines/IEDs etc placed in trenches, often the only form of cover when in contact with the Taliban...not from places a helicopter would land you.
    but continuing that, why worry so so so much about more helicopters when im sure the taliban will grow wise to alot more soldiers travelling by air and will then get more ground to air missile weapons; they knew we had vehicles so made mines, so they gunna adapt like we are.
    the best thing I think to do is as well as pumping money into choppers (which I believe should be used for emergency evacs, or nighttime special raids) put alot more into the defense of the ground vehicles, or equipment to seek mines or even the systems regarding gathering human intelligence and building bridges (people, not physical bridges haha) so we dont walk into these traps, we should not be in a situation where the taliba are waiting for us to play their game, we should have our intelligence, contact them, take territory and hold ground, not tiptoe in.
  4. Do as your mother says Nathan, the big boys are going to get you
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  6. Oh dear, I sense another loss to Staff College....
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  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    How old are you?

    Did you get this from an Andy McNab book?
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  10. If I'd given birth to that, kill me.[/quote]

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  11. Oh dear lord. It's Wednesday morning and I can barely sum up the enthusiasm to respond.

    Seabrook3: The upgraded Lynx will be in theatre this year, not 2014. Unless you were speaking of an entirely new varient? If so, please specify.

    Also, it takes at least 3 Lynx to move as much as 1 Merlin. I'd rather have the 8 Merlin out there chop chop please.

    As for "I'm plan B" I accept that this is a site where everyone's opinion may be expressed, but perhaps....
    Sod it, I can't be bothered. Off to get irate at JPAC instead. Wish me luck!
  12. Its goodthe Army getting more choppers in,
    Yes we had noticed that you were in the process of joining.
    why worry so so so much about more helicopters when im sure the taliban will grow wise to alot more soldiers travelling by air
    Ssshhhhh, OPSEC, I don't think the Taliban have noticed any helicopters yet so don't let them know we have them. They may think it's a good idea to try and shoot them down.
    mmmmm that's strange, the html tags work in preview, but not when submitted. The mysteries of the interweb.

  13. Chubb/Nathan. I gather you have as much of a clue about military helicopters as you do with reality in general? You seem to suggest that 'Future Lynx' (actually, its called Wildcat Lynx now) will be the saviour of the rotary universe. Do you know what role it will have or even how many we will get? Or do you just get your carer to do a google search for 'helikoptors' cos you think you can join in with the 'outraged at a lack of suitable helicopters' debate? Well, fucktard, you cant.

    This is the human race and you are no where near winning it.
  14. My Bold: Use square brackets '[' & ']', not angled ones '<' & '>' in BBCode :wink:

  15. Spelling, punctuation and basic grammar are not your strong points, are they?