Afghanistan: French up to their usual tricks?

Why oh Why do the French run a consitent policy of France first all the time. Not good people to be allied with.
Mind you the troops on the ground seem to have taken a share of the fighting.
Perhaps we should learn from the french?!

Another French bashing thread around a non-story.

Not that anyone will be surprised at the French failing to help us rid Afghanistan of the Taliban. They wouldn't even help us rid France of the Nazis!
These would be the same French that have already lost people in Afghanistan would it not? The same French who committed Special Forces and other Soldiers from the off?

The same French that wouldn't help us, but formed over 2 dozen RAF Squadrons, not to mention Commandos and SAS? The same French, some of whom covered our retreat on Dynamo and continued fighting even after the fall of Paris? "They wouldn't even help us rid France of the Nazis" . I'm not sure SOE would agree with that.

Not to mention the same cowardly dogs that left in excess of 50,000 of their own at Verdun , taking a great deal of pressure off the Somme Front?

Chirac says , nothing has been decided, and they're talking about re-balancing, as surprise surprise , we do. But someone has built a story , along the 'surrender monkeys' line again. I guess the French CGS doesn't have to speak out of turn over l'Irak now does he?
Ironically, as far as Iraq goes the French turned out to be more right than the US and the UK.Whatever you say about them, they were right, we were wrong.

In other news, unconfirmed reports say the French Army surrendered after the North Korea nuclear test.


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AndyPipkin said:,23599,20588272-38200,00.html

Not that anyone will be surprised at the French failing to help us rid Afghanistan of the Taliban. They wouldn't even help us rid France of the Nazis!
Mate I think you'll find this has already been explained in the Afghan latest fighting thread.

fantassin said:
It's not "bad news for ISAF" since those SF have been part of OEF, not ISAF, since they deployed in the summer of 2003 after Chirac met Bush during the G8 summit.

The only reason they are been redeployed is because the US Army, which is providing all the support for the French SF contingent (helo, fire spt, CAS etc) is ALSO redeploying and handing over to ISAF.

Since one of the main reason for being there was simply to show that French units were fighting alongsides the US forces in order to mend the 2003 rift, there are no reasons to stay if the US leave, esp. if they leave with the support that is vital for Ops in that area.


-CRAP have been called GCP for 15 years now

-The Cpl and WO2 who were killed were not Commandos Parachutistes but members of the 1er RPIMa; both were very experienced and none would have let himself be captured by the Talebans knowing fully well what was waiting for them (it also wasn't their first A-stan tour)

-I have already, in a previous post, explained that all the "caught alive and gutted" article was nonsense. The two SF soldiers were KIA during an ambush and both died of bullet wounds. Posting and reposting such garbage only helps the enemy

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