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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by kellydurand, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Me and my mates have to design an exhibition an Afghanistan history and culture for squaddies for uni and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on what we should include or avoid. It's supposed to have an archaeological focus.
  2. Get some dog shit and cover it in sand, should just about do it.
  3. It's a good job you came to an afghanistan archaeology web site then.
  4. How about doing one on grammar for students? Seriously though, are you presuming that:

    a. They don't already have training, briefings and lectures on such things anyway and..
    b. Most of them will have a vast first hand experience of the place to begin with.

    I'm assuming that this is for some kind of assignment, in which case please accept all of the 'helpful' advice you receive, but you are not going to make any friends by referring to everyone as 'squaddies'. You will generally find that those in the army don't even refer to themselves as such, so please get some basic facts straight first. The only reason the press/media use that phrase is because they are ignorant and lazy.

    *Grumpy due to root canal work on my teeth this morning.
  5. Well hello there Kelly. Have you a picture of you and your mates? I spend a lot of time in Afghanistan and it does get a bit boring, so some pictures would certainly cheer us up. As for Afghanistan and what to avoid......well, best avoid the whole place really.
  6. * My friends and I

    Suggested topic.

    "Prominent Afghan women and their political beliefs"
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  7. A commendable idea , to increases cultural awareness among deploying troops . However on the archeologically front. We already have an obsession for buried things. Those that go bang when you step on them! I do remember some of the lads finding some very old coins (looked Greek possibly from the period after Alexander) when doing Op Barma drills.

    But to really give a true feel of the country and its history you have to get the right people to present your exhibition. Don’t make the same mistake that the British Museum did a couple of years ago. Oh no. Get rid of the pasty middle class graduates’, they just don’t cut it. What you need is a bunch of swarthy stinkers, you know, the kind of people that would shit in your underwear draw given half a chance.

    They should also have a taste for recreational buggery, on a Thursday night and no interest in the artefacts that they presenting. Other, of course, than what they can sell them to you for.

    Other than covering everything in a layer of grime and dust (Already mentioned by others). I can’t really suggest any better way to give an authentic Afghan feel.
  8. History? Go in, go out with fewer than you went in with. Culture? Belligerence, buggery and badmashery. You can probably bluff an ordinary degree with that. Good luck!