Afghanistan. Enough is enough.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Big_Harvey, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. The Russian Armycouldn't take the place.

    So why on earth do people think the British Army can??

    I'm organising an online petition to present to the government to attempt to get our troops pulled out of Afghanistan.

    The Army has lost the support of the general public.

    Enough is enough.
  2. Well that should do it. Well done you.
  3. Are there?

    I've only joined today so I havent looked around much
  4. Chubb? Take cover anyway... Incoming!
  5. Duck!
  6. Sorry to piss on your chips Harv, but I think the public do support the troops. I may not necessarily agree with the reason troops are in hot dusty places getting shot at, but while they are there they have my support.

    Anyway, which paper do you write for?
  7. So in a nut shell you are suggesting that the Russian Army of 30 years ago is better than the modern British Army?

    Hello and welcome.
  9. haha brilliant
  10. Wah -----

    that or you wear adult nappies and dribble alot.
  11. Fixed for you. I think you'll find that support for and awareness of the forces is at its highest point for many years; every bugger's tripping over themselves to be pro-forces.
  12. Where is Flashy and his mobile Chub detector! :roll:

  13. Didn't many people say the same thing about Iraq a few years ago? While Iraq isn't perfect it is very much improved and seems headed in the right direction.
  14. You mean there is more than one of these idiots, What paper does this one report for then.?
  15. Think again.

    Support for the British Army is at an all time low.