Afghanistan deployment

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by numbnut, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. im soon to be deployed to afghanistan and im wanting info from the lads who have been. What type of kit should i be thinking of taking with me?
  2. Some extra thick Durex to cope with the amount of bum love you will undoubtedly be dishing out.

    Oh, and a uniform and a rifle.
  3. Warm under clothes type stuff, lip balm, coating the insides of your nostrils in vasaline I always found helped (this is not a wah), spare puri tabs, extra ammo, kneepads....
  4. toilet paper and many many pairs of undercrackers, I also agree with the vasaline for many reasons:
    1. bum love to and from your friends
    2. bum love for you if you are captured
    3. sticking up your nose
    4. once you have the trotts youll need it as your ring piece will be red raw
    5. your lips
    6. your other lips if youre a chick
  5. id recommend a solar shower that way you have your own if ur in an outpost. if ur in the rear rear then its always good for when the showers go down!!!

    mp3 player that uses AA batterys (that way you dntneed a plug socket to charge it and u can get batterys off ur cq)