Afghanistan Deployment- err... Force Protection?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shemulie, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. I'm with 4 Para, and after hearing from the lads who where out with 3 Para debated it long n hard then put my name forth for deployment for a multitude of reasons...

    I am unaware of what units are going out when, but got an e-mail from Land HQ offering a slot with a London Coy going out as Force Protection.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it reaks of stag on for 8 months at some large camp... not exactly what I had in mind.

    4 Paras on leave, so was wondering if anyone here knew when the next reg battalions are going out, or even a TA unit not FP? Or any other advise?
  2. Do not go out with the London Regiment , it will be SHIT and all you will be doing is staging on , i think 2 PARA is going out some time early next year (not confirmed )i would wait out for them
  3. The Royal Mongolians are going out early next year and i'm sure 2 PARA are taking over them later on in the year. Force protection is stagging on in camp bastion. Don't do it!
  4. Anyone going out this year? Cheers lads.

    Heard from our CO 2Para isnt going to take anyone without their wings.
  5. Your CO is talking sh1te mate.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Don't make a decision based on internet answers - some may well be accurate, others not.

    As to your comments about the CO, if he was happy to send people to 3 Para in Helmand without their wings even once we were aware of the levels of contact, I doubt he will have changed his mind for the 2 Para tour. The intention is to provide an FP Coy, plus IRs to 2 Para.

    Wait until after leave and find the pukka gen.

  7. Granted. Just seeking a heads up.

    CO did not say that but that 2 Para's did. Yeh wouldnt bet any money on it though, prob just officer scuttlebutt... wouldnt be the first time!
  8. This is pish, and is from someone who is out of the loop on the current LONDONS deployment.
  9. A Coy 2RRF were told they were doing force protection at Bastion. Before you could scream "INCOMING" they were screaming "INCOMING" at Nowzad!
  10. We were quite lucky in that we had the utterley useless ghurkas to stag on for us.
  11. OK Big man, what makes you so special, apart from a fetish for things Nazi.

    Rather work with a Gurkha than a walking attitude problem.

  12. Ditto. would rather work with gurkhas. For FCuk sakes, they are probably the most proffesional bunch of all (and loyall
  13. :lol: :lol: :lol: quality
  14. Gren Guards deploy March or May?? speak to them ?
  15. and what makes you think im out of the loop then ?