AFGHANISTAN danger money?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Honeymonster222, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. how much should i expect for danger money on top of my tax free monthly wage to work in Kabul? My potential employer is asking how much do i expect, and i havent a clue.


    REME massive forever!!!
  2. yeh that was much help, u tosser
  3. Danger money in Kabul? You are having a larf arn't you?!
  4. On the assumption that this is a serious question, I would suggest that you consider the following:
    The Benchmark for public servants is roughly double pay but tax free.
    Check on death and permanent incapacity insurances offered?
    R&R policy, UN 6/1 week, NGOs 1 week per three months plus flights to Dubai?
    Flights in with UN or Orana?
    Quality of Guesthouse in Kabul (some are bloody awful)
    Emloyer to pay local taxes,in 2005 there was a notional local expat income Tax of 15% but this was not eforced.
    Happy to accept PM.
  5. Thanks for that.
  6. I would say it would vary considerably according to local conditions pertinent to your employment. I'm currently living n working in Kabul, and have been for the last year, PM me if you want to know anything about local conditions in Kabul.