"Afghanistan could take 40 years" - Incoming CGS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Front page of Saturday's Times newspaper leads with the "Afghanistan could take 40 years" headline.

    Source: The Times

    Is he right?
  2. Or is he starting to set his stall out, taking a leaf out of the book from the outgoing CGS?
  3. urn the place into a sheet of glass.
    Its not worth 40 years, not by a long shot.
  4. I would be suprised if the UK government and public could go 40 months never mind 40 years.

    Looking 40 years ahead what a joke, this quote “I believe that the UK will be committed to Afghanistan in some manner — development, governance, security sector reform"

    Is that not a big problem today, we are deployed in Afghan in "some manner"

    Wonderful! what foresight.
  5. I can hear the calculators being bashed in no 10 now.
  6. Another 40 years, not to bad when you think we started in 1841
  7. Ask me in 2050.
  8. Just what is the name of the Game in Afghanistan ?
    Defeat of Al Quada ?
    Defeat of the Taliban ?
    Defeat of the Government of Afghanistan ?
    Or are we committed and by whom to rebuild Afghanistan as a Democracy ?
    Poor Tom & the UK Tax payer.
  9. Look at it as job security.
  10. 40 years is a pretty realistic estimate in my opinion.

    The UK Govt. should explain the mission more clearly though. Most British people and a shocking amount of service people have absolutely no idea why we are even in the country.
  11. Indeed but we will need a lot more resources as most of our NATO chums won't make the distance nor will NATO.
    How does the song go...'we ere because we are 'ere, we 'ere because we are 'ere...
  12. I will hate to see the casualty rate in 40 days, let alone 40 years!!
  13. In 5 years time (or much earlier) theDesk jocky cds political animal will confirm that Afgahnistan is a country of corrupt people who want to live that life they had before the red commies tried to be helpfull(clever).

    Only thing is this will be the third time the British army leave afgahnistan with thier tail between their legs.

    Still, by then we, as in UK military forces will be under the control of some european appointed General, probable french. who no doubt not speek any Englaise.
  14. The question should be "Is the spin doctor from No10 now in control of the MOD"?

    He sounds like a dozy weatherman, who says " anything can happen but we expect only rain with the occasional sunshine".

    You read and quickly pass the "anything can happen" without a thought because you want to here the expected weather forcast!