Afghanistan could be lost in the bars of Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    November 5, 2009
    Afghanistan could be lost in the bars of Britain
    Only a powerful defence of the war at home and a game-changing shift from the US will stop our descent into failure
    Paddy Ashdown

    The clamour is growing for us to withdraw from Afghanistan. And the tragic loss of five British soldiers at the hands of one of those we are supposed to be fighting alongside will make that clamour louder.

    There is a real chance we will lose this struggle in the bars and front rooms of Britain before we lose it in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan — particularly as we have a Government that has completely failed both to make a cogent case for this war or to convince us that it has a strategy worthy of the sacrifices being made.

    The blunt truth is that the events of yesterday have fractured a central plank of the only strategy we have. Before deciding what to do next, it is worth considering what happens if we withdraw or fail in Afghanistan — apart, of course, from abandoning its people, an overwhelming majority of whom, despite all, still want us to be there and only 5 per cent of whom want to see the Taleban back.

    First, failure or withdrawal would mean the certain fall of Pakistan. Pakistan could, of course, fall of its own accord. But it would inevitably do so as a result of failure in Afghanistan. So abandoning Afghanistan doubles the chances of a jihadi government in Islamabad. Would this certainly result in jihadi hands on a nuclear bomb? Maybe not. But do we want to take the risk?
  2. Dear Pantsdown…

    We've lost Afghanistan… it's just the pols who can't accept it.

    Pakistan? We know were they keep their nukes. So what to do if we see a Taliban takeover?

    "…Set Condition 1SQ, battle stations missile, spin up tubes 1 through 16…"
  3. Scarey, scarey, scarey!!!! :(
  4. While public support for the conflict in afghanistan is at an all time low, all we can really do is support the troops. Withdrawing from afghanistan anytime soon will have put the deaths of all the soldiers in vain and all gains will be lost. While this isn't a favourable war, the soldiers on the ground have to press on and get the job done in order for an exit strategy.

    What NATO need to do is bang some heads and have a more aggressive approach to the taliban. NATO need to send more troops for one big push if there is to be any chance of success in the next few years. Get the ANA and ANP trained up and operating independently so we can leave this illegal war.

  5. An exit strategy? We never even had an entry strategy!

  6. The only entry strategy we had was Bliar to bum Bush back in 2001 and 2003 with iraq. Before you know it, we will be in pakistan next helping the pakistani government getting rid of the insurgents. As we can see, a big hornets nest has been stirred in the middle east.