Afghanistan- comfy box items?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stab_spr, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Sure this has been asked before so my apoligise...
    Out to Afghanistan in march but have to pack comfy box in early jan and was wondering if anyone could lend a hand and share some ideas on handy items from there experiance? Am due to be based in bastian...
    Thanks in advance!
  2. porn, porn and porn 8O
  3. Try the search function...there must be 101 threads on "I have never been on tour before and dont know what to take"
  4. and more porn :p :p
  5. Mate, if you need advice on what to take on an operational tour, I'd suggest you stay at home.
  6. put things in yer box that

    1. are not essential bits of kit

    2. things that will keep you amused - books etc

    3. things that are not too important to you - just in case your comfy box goes awol.

    4. sports kit that you wouldnt mind chucking in the skip at the end of your tour - if the sand dont destroy it, the dobi waller will
  7. It does not really matter what you put in it, it will get robbed in Pakistan.

    One lad had the lot go, less the stapler which was still sat in the bottom of his box.. Who would rob all your kit but then leave a stapler. Does go to show that the thieving gits were in no hurry though.
  8. Are Christmas boxes getting robbed too? I sent a load of stuff out BFPO and can only hope it arrives intact.
  9. Different route out here. It sometimes gets opened, but still gets here minus the odd offending object. Like aerosols etc. but apart from that, the mail seems to be ok, slow, but ok.
  10. Plenty of bog roll, wet wipes, and a sense of humour.
    Good fun playing for real!
  11. any extra issue kit to swap with yanks
  12. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    Chocolate - many a ceasefire brokered over it.

    I'm not taking the piss - Almond flavour goes down best.

  13. Coffee, chocolate, well hidden Porn, Spare sportskit n trainers that can be chucked, a few books, a bit more hidden porn, duvet or spare comfy dossbag, bit of porn wouldnt go amiss, Spare washkit.. shower gels..etc nowt special just the cheap shite. It's all you need.

    Did I mention porn?
  14. I find an anvil is invaluable in such countries.