Afghanistan: Blame game consumes Afghanistan in wake of riot

Two interesting articles from Reuters today...

Reuters said:
Blame game consumes Afghanistan in wake of riots

KABUL, June 4 (Reuters) - Blame the police, blame the opposition, blame agitators, criminals and opportunists, blame panicky American soldiers, blame bad brakes.

Recriminations have reverberated around Kabul in the week since anti-American riots plunged the Afghan capital into a state of anarchy for a few hours after a U.S. military truck was involved in an accident.

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Reuters said:
Taliban gaining strength in Afghanistan--commander

CHAMAN, Pakistan, June 4 (Reuters) - The Taliban are gaining strength in Afghanistan and are determined to intensify their attacks against foreign and government forces, a Taliban commander said on Sunday.

Violence has surged in Afghanistan in recent weeks to its worst since the 2001 overthrow of the hardline Taliban government but the district commander, Mullah Hayat Khan, said the violence was winning the militants more support.

"Now the people of Afghanistan are giving full cooperation to us," Khan told Reuters in the southwestern Pakistani border town of Chaman. "There is more anger against foreign forces and their brutality against the people," he said, referring to recent bombing by U.S. forces that he said had killed many civilians.

"The people of Afghanistan have become fed up with Americans," said Khan, who said he was Taliban commander of the Spin Boldak area, in the southern province of Kandahar, opposite Chaman. "They break into houses, arrest people indiscriminately and torture them. These brutalities have increased anger among the people," he said.

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Maybe I'm indulging in historical what if-ism, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that al-Q'aeda's second greatest success (after Sept. 11th) was on 9th September 2001 - when Ahmed Shad Massoud was assassinated.

I'm slowly losing faith in Karzai's ability to restore sanity to Afghanistan.


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