Afghanistan army deaths match those in Falklands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Re: Afghan fighting - the latest reports.
    Posted: 2020 26/01/06

    Afghanistan army deaths match those in Falklands

    IAN BRUCE, Defence Correspondent December 17 2008
    Britain's 3 Commando Brigade has lost as many Royal Marines in Afghanistan as were killed in the Falklands War, The Herald can reveal.

    The death of a gunner from 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, from enemy fire on Monday brings the tally for the brigade and its attached forces since 2006 to 27, equalling the unit's combat fatalities during the 1982 conflict in the South Atlantic. He was last night named as Lieutenant Aaron Lewis, who was fatally wounded when the gun position he was commanding in the Gereshk area of Helmand Province came under attack. His family said "he committed everything he had to a cause that he truly believed in".

    Marines losses now account for more than one in four of the 106 British service personnel killed by Taliban gunfire, rockets or roadside booby-traps in Helmand province.
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  2. Not your fault, Skynet but it's harder to imagine a more inaccurate or misleading headline.

    And this guy is a defence correspondent....??????
  3. what a crock of sh1t....falklands conflict - just over 2 months. afghanistan - the report starts from 2006 .
  4. Although the casualties figures make sad reading and my sympathies are with those left behind, as stated above. the FI was in 2 months, resulting in 255 deaths.

    I believe in NI in 72 we lost 170+ in one year! The casualties dropped as we received better training and intel.

    Our casualties, although regretable are fairly small, i know that is of no comfort to those who have lost family and friends or those injured, but due to, i believe, good training and fairly good kit we aren't suffering as much as we may have 20 years ago if faced with a similar war.

    I ask that no-one takes offense at this, i have served in both of the current theatres and fully appreciate the risks we take and the danger we face, but lets keep it in perspective, or we just encourage the doom sayers who think we are losing, like the papers that print these sort of scare-monger headlines. That belittles the sacrifice of those who have paid the ultimate price.
  5. There speaks the voice of common sense, rather than "how many extra papers can we sell"